Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Birthday Stone

It's really been a while since I've made or posted a new crochet stone, right? But now that I've finished the super-secret project (yes, that's right, I did it!!), I've got time for some new things apart from the "Beyond the Square" motifs I'm still posting. By the way: thanks for all the lovely comments you're leaving, you always find something nice to say, nevermind how simple the motif - thank you!!

Now back to the stone. I still enjoy playing around with colors, patterns and the different shapes of the stones to make each one unique. However, I've already got so many of them lying around here, so I started to make stones only to give them away for special occasions instead of keeping and hoarding them at home :)

Yesterday was my sister-in-law's birthday, and I gave her this new creation:

Recently, my sister-in-law and my brother re-decorated their living-room with shades of brown and creme, that's why I've picked those colors for the stone. The center of the pattern is once again from a doily-magazine, the rest is improvisation.

This was the first one of four brand-new stones I've made last week. I'm looking forward to showing you the other ones and of course there's still the super-secret project to reveal very, very soon...

Take care and please come back if you've enjoyed your visit here today :)


  1. Agh I just love crocheted stones!!! The one you gave me in the giveaway I won still sits proudly on my 'crochet tray', between the hooks, scissors and yarnends :)

  2. Hallo Barbara! Dein neuer Stein ist wieder wunderschön geworden, deine Schwägerin freut sich bestimmt sehr darüber. Mein Häkel-Stein von dir liegt auch immer noch auf der Vitrine und läßt sich von allen unseren Besuchern bewundern.:)
    Hab noch einen schönen Abend! Barbina

  3. So very lovely! What an awesome idea. I'v never seen this before!

  4. How nice, and what a lovely idea,I love it :)

  5. I love the crochet stone idea, I've never seen one before, but now I realize it is a door stop, great idea. Here in Miami the wind is always banging my door closed so your pebble idea would be great here at home.
    I'm crocheting pink and orange cell phone covers for my kids Tracfone LG800 smart phones, so they don't get the touch screens scratched as the phone cost $50 a pop. I'm only paying $5.99/40min/month for each kid, quite the bargain.
    I'm putting crocheted pink roses on the covers and the kids are calling the style of the cell phone pouches, shabby chik, a kind of romantic style that the young ladies are going for.

  6. This is a great idea Barbara, and so pretty :)

  7. I've never seen a crochet stone before. What a lovely idea. Thanks for sharing. I love the colours in this one.

  8. My daughter loves to sell stones, and I crochet (beginner) so I thought I could crochet her stones and maybe she could make more than $.10. :) Do you know where I can get a pattern?

    Thannk you,

    The Happy Hooker

    1. Thanks for your comment! If you're just starting to crochet around a stone, this tutorial might be helpful:


      If you're looking for patterns, there's nothing better than a doily pattern magazine (or doily patterns on the internet): all you have to do is follow the pattern and decrease after a while, according to the shape of your stone. Another tip: it's a lot easier to use a really smooth, well shaped stone - a round one would be perfect to start with.

      Good look, maybe you'd like to drop me a note when you've finished your first one? :)


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