Friday, September 28, 2012

Birthday Potholders

Exactly one year ago I've written a blog-post with the same title as today, Birthday Potholders. It's my Mom's birthday again, and I've made a new pair of potholders for her:

Do you like the colors? Okay, me neither :) But at least the colors fit into my Mom's kitchen from the 1970s, and this time the potholders are definitely not meant for decorating the walls, but indeed for using them. My Mom really liked them and she was quite surprised, because she thought she'd only get the blouse that I've bought for her when we were birthday-shopping last week-end.

The potholders are made with the same pattern I've used for my own potholders a few weeks ago. The original pattern can be found on Tintin luomukset.

And now I hop over to The Crochet Boulevard to share my link. It's Free Topic Friday again - wanna come over and link your crochet, too?

The Crochet Boulevard

Have a great week-end!



  1. They look very nice Barbara - nice, thick and sturdy. Happy belated Birthday to your Mom. :)

  2. Acho esse padrão perfeito.

  3. I actualy like those colors... very vintage! :)
    You did a great job, they look really neat!

    Grace Ann

  4. Very good they look. I am sure going to be making some :) Once i am done with the giant granny project!

  5. Maybe not the colors, but hey they are great!

  6. Superb gift for a mom! They look awesome! :)

  7. You did it again! You made another gorgeous gift :-) Thanks so much for posting at Link Your Stuff. I hope you'll join again next week. Best wishes, Annemarie

  8. I actually like the colors! Love crocheted pot holders! use them all the time!

  9. These are lovely Barbara nice and thick, lovely pattern I'm thinking they would be good in Christmas colours for gifts :)

  10. Once again, gorgeous potholders. I am definitely going to try them. And I loved this colour combination. I am not surprised that Mom does not use these lovely creations and keeps them as wall decor. I would too. :)

  11. Lovely! Thank you for sharing my pattern :-)


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