Sunday, November 25, 2012

My Mom's Christmas Blanket - finally finished!

Tadaaahh! At last it's done, I've finished my Mom's Christmas Blanket! Are you ready for a whole lotta pictures?

The finished size of the blanket is approximately 1,40 x 1,75 m (55" x 69"). I had started this blanket in August - early enough you could say - to be prepared for all kinds of circumstances: running out of yarn, running out of mood, procrastinating when it comes to weaving in the loose ends, that kind of stuff we all go through ;)

Although I had tried to keep the blanket top-secret, I suspect that my Mom knows about it. Recently she came upstairs to visit us (we live in the same house), and I wasn't quick enough to hide my stuff completely. I guess she's seen it, and she didn't even ask what I was working on (what she ususally does), so I assume she knows it's something for her.

Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to giving her this present on Christmas Eve. It's been quite a tough year for her and the whole family: In July (when John and I were on vacation in the USA), my Mom was diagnosed with colon cancer and had to have surgery to remove the tumor. Everything went well, and right know she's undergoing a light chemotherapy to increase the chances that the cancer won't return. She's doing fine, and we all hope that when she's finished with her last treatment in January, that this is the end to it. John already announced, that he expects her to jump around like a young doe again in spring, so he can dance with her at our wedding :)

But now back to the blanket: above you can see a closeup of the border. I've used the Bobble-Shell Edging as seen on Lucy's Attic 24. I think a simple border still looks best on this kind of blanket.

Here you can see the blanket being spread out on my parents' couch, the place where it's supposed to belong, soon. I used the chance last week, when my Mom was at the hospital again. Oh, and on the picture below you can also see the backside of the blanket, which is mainly beige.

In case you've missed my previous post about this blanket: the double-ended crochet pattern I've used can be found on Woman's Day now, but remember: you need a double-ended hook for it!

And now that one blanket is down, I'm already dreaming of the next one... :) The only problem I've got: I have no clue which yarn or which colors I want to use. But it won't be another double-ended one, that's for sure.

So, what else can I tell you on this late November Sunday? Maybe you've visited The Crochet Boulevard recently and noticed that there was no Free Topic Friday, and no new poll either. Don't worry, I'm not lazy (at least not more than usual), I've got plans: it's December soon, and not long until Christmas now. So I thought we could have another Christmas/Winter Crochet Linkparty again, starting on Saturday and going on through the whole month of December! I'll be back next week-end with the party-invitation, and of course there'll be some more new Challenge motifs during the week.

See you then, and thanks for your visit in k-town today,

have a great week!



  1. Super, tolle Farbzusammenstellung. Deine Mutter wird sich bestimmt freuen.

    Schönen Sonntag noch


  2. It's very pretty Barbara - I'm sure your Mom is gonna love it. I'm sending all my best wishes to your Mom for her to be healthy. :)

  3. So sorry to hear about your mum being poorly Barbara, but hopefully she will be fine once her treatment is over, I'm sure she is going to love her blanket it's beautiful :)

  4. I was really intrigued by your Mom's blanket and had to go look up the pattern. I was very surprised to find that it was in the book, "Crochet Master Class". I had just ordered this. I know your Mom will be delighted with her blanket. I hope the chemo doesn't wear her down too much and that she is soon fine and ready to dance.

  5. Prachtig. Hier zal je moeder vast blij mee zijn.

    Groet, Agnes.

  6. You did a great job Barbara!!! your mum will be so happy to receive this beauty!!
    Best wishes for your mum's health : she'll get better very soon!!
    xxx Ale

  7. It looks amazing! I love your double ended blankets but I can see why you would need a rest. I'm sending my well wishes your mom's way. (And my mom does the same things when she kind of knows a present is for her!)

  8. Die Decke ist wunderschön geworden!!! Deine Mama wird sich bestimmt riesig darüber freuen! Ich hoffe es geht ihr bald wieder besser!
    Ich drück dich ganz dolle! Barbina

  9. Wow that is absolutely amazing! It's huge - I can't believe you finished it so quickly. Your mum will love it!

    Have a fab week hon,

  10. Wow, what a masterpiece! I can see why it took so long to make it - that would make for A LOT of threads to sew in! I hope your mom continues to have good health and congrats on your engagement! Thanks for sharing at Hookin On Hump Day!


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