Sunday, October 13, 2013

Meet Ana from "Lanas de Ana"

I've got another guest here in k-town today, it's Ana from Lanas de Ana. Although we had known each other's blogs before, we really got to know each other better during last year's "Beyond the Square"-Challenge. I'm glad that Ana has accepted my invitation for being a guest-blogger, and recently she has send me this beautiful post:

"Thank you, Barbara, for inviting me as a guest @ Made in K-Town.

My name is Ana, and I have a knit/crochet blog called “Lanas de Ana”, which in Spanish means: Ana’s Yarns.  I am from Guatemala, and I started my blog in Spanish (as Lanas & Hilos).  But later I decided to write it in English as well, to connect with more people.  I love that, through the blog, I have made “virtual friends” from all over the world…from England, Spain, Australia, Norway, Germany, Chile, the U.S., Holland, Israel, Argentina, India, France, Mexico, Czech Republic, Costa Rica, Portugal, Canada, Puerto Rico, and more.  I find it so amazing that yarn can help connect so many people from different countries and cultures.  [Should we name “Yarn” an ambassador for world peace?]

In my blog, I share “my world of yarns”—the part of my life that revolves around crochet and knitting.  By sharing my projects and ideas, I hope to inspire others in the same way as I have found inspiration in many blogs and sites.  I love to share my personal patterns for free… as a way of paying forward all that I have learned from generous crafters. 

I know many of you prefer either to crochet or to knit…but I actually love both.  Sometimes, it seems I do more crocheting (which I find easier), but lately I have done more knitting than usual.  

This year I joined Linda (from Linda’s Crafty Corner) for the Stash BusterChallenge.  The objective is to encourage each other to use as much yarn stash as we can this year (especially those odd balls or bits and pieces of unused yarn sitting in boxes and drawers).  So far, 137 friends have joined us in the challenge, and many projects have been made, and displayed @ “Linda’s LinkParty”.  I personally have made blankets, scarves, hats, cushions, and more (check Stash BusterChallenge to see my projects).  We still have a few months left of the year, so we will be working on more stash-busting projects.  All are welcome to join.

Well, thanks again, Barbara, for inviting me as a guest to your wonderful blog.  You and your friends are cordially invited to visit my corner of the blog world @ Lanas de Ana.  See you there!

♥ Ana BC
from Guatemala with love..."

Thank you Ana for this amazing post, the beautiful pictures, and your thoughts about how our common hobby crochet can connect people from all over the world!

Have a happy Sunday everybody, wherever you are!


  1. That's a lovely post Barbara, I love Ana's blog there is so much inspiration there and of course we are having the greatest fun with the stash challenge. :)

  2. I love your blog and now whenever I visit the Ana's blog.
    Thank you.
    Claudia - Brasil

  3. Thank you for the opportunity, Barbara! it was really fun :-)

    1. I have followed your blog almost since I started my crafts blog and it is a delight to see the beautiful projects and read about it!

      So I loved reading this guest-post here at Made in K-Town. Both of you are an inspiration to me :)

  4. Wspaniała sprawa!! serdecznie pozdrawiam z Polski:)


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