Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Birthday Potholders

I know, I know - potholders for your Mom's birthday, how uninspired is that? But don't worry, I've got something else for her. I've bought her a gift certificate from her favorite clothing store, because she told me she wanted to buy some new stuff for the coming fall.

Unfortunately I remembered too late that something handmade would be nice, my Mom's very fond of everything I've crocheted recently. Her birthday is tomorrow, so I needed something quick and easy that looked nice, and potholders were the first thing that popped up in my mind. I think it's okay, because my Mom has always liked crocheted potholders (I've never seen non-crocheted ones in her kitchen) - and she really uses them, they're not just a nice wall decoration! :)

Anyway, on Saturday I've searched on ravelry for free patterns and found Jennifer Martin's Flower Potholders. Isn't it a lovely pattern? It was so easy to make, although I worried a little that the backsides might look ugly, but actually they don't.

Here's the pink one with a blue backside:

... and here's the green one with a violet backside:

I had to adjust the pattern a little, because as usual I was working with a thinner yarn and had to add some rounds to get the right size. I think I might use this pattern again, I really like them and I'm sure my Mom will, too.

Hope to see you soon, I'm really looking forward to my next post (because I already know what it's about) :)


  1. ooooooo what is your next post about?????Beautiful potholders. Your Mom is going to love these. Please tell her that a blogging friend of yours wished her a very happy birthday.

  2. oh!they are so beautiful,your mom will love this for sure.. my birthday wishes to your mom!

  3. Happy Birthday, Mom!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the awesome potholders! Fantastic! :)

  4. Liebe Barbara,
    da wird sich Deine Mutter aber sicher freuen!
    Diese Topflappen sind total schön und ich mag
    die Idee mit den unterschiedlichen Seiten!
    Wirklich toll und ich wünsche euch einen schönen
    Geburtstag und für Deine Mutter alles Liebe,
    sei ganz lieb gegrüßt,

  5. thank you all for your nice comments and the birthday wishes for my Mom, she was very happy! You know what she said? She said these potholders were too nice to use them, she'd rather hang them on the wall :))) And I told her "no Mom, I've already told my readers that you will really USE them!!" :)

  6. lovely Potholders, very nice ♥
    Your Mom must be happy :-)
    Greetings Bianca

  7. they're beautiful, Barbara-- your mom is sure to love them! I surely do. :)

  8. Very pretty! Your mum will be glade!
    Blue/pink is my favorite

  9. Very nice potholders, I might try them myself. Thank you for the link.

  10. Lovely potholders! Love the cheerful colors!
    Thanks for sharing!

  11. Those are awesome! I love the colors. They looks perfect :)

    Mary @ Crocheting the Day Away

  12. These are so pretty, I'm saving that link!

  13. Lucky Mum! These look great. Love the colour combinations that you chose

  14. Gorgeous potholders! I have a similar one bought from an old lady from a small town Finnish market. I've been looking for a similar pattern ever since. Thanks for the link.

    P.s. You have a lucky mum.

  15. Thanks for your post and the tip with the pattern. I'm going to try it out!

  16. Those are great gifts! Useful and pretty :).

  17. Oh! They are wonderful & I'm sure your mum will adore them!

  18. Hey- I recognize those! I'm so glad you like the pattern! They turned out beautiful- I really like your color combinations!


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