Friday, September 16, 2011

Theme Party # 2: Flowers

Welcome to our link-party in September! For this month's theme party you've voted for the "Flower" topic, and I'm so looking forward to the wonderful crochet flowers you're gonna link up here!

Some things you should keep in mind:
What you see is what you get: please link to the specific post where your chosen project can be found (not just your main blog address), and make sure that your post is about crochet and matches the given theme! No shops! Please understand that I might remove links that ignore these points.
Feel free to post as many links as you like - you should really search in the depths of your archives to retrieve your forgotten treasures, this is your chance to bring them back to the surface! :)

When this collection is closed, you'll have the chance to vote for the topic of the next theme party in October! If you've got suggestions for more topics, please post them here :)

This collection can be found at The Crochet Boulevard now!


  1. Yay!! I was the first to link!!:)

  2. :O How have I never heard of your blog?! Your blog is amazing! :D

  3. Hi thank you for celebrating this party - I really enjoyed the last one - Doris

  4. I have linked as much as possible. Thanks for hosting this.

  5. I have linked my posts related to the subject..Thanks for hosting!

  6. Liebe Barbara,

    Danke für diese tolle Idee...
    Hier gibt es immer wieder so unglaublich schöne Arbeiten und Blogs zu entdecken.
    Viele liebe Grüße und einen schönen Sonntag wünsche ich Dir,


  7. Hallo Barbara!
    Dankeschön für deine tolle Linkparty!:)
    Meine Blumen häkel ich auch am liebsten mit Catania.Ich finde die Farben sind einfach toll und es häkelt sich so schön.
    Ich wünsch dir auch noch einen schönen Sonntag!

  8. Hi thanks for the invite to join
    love the link parties...some great flowers
    Hugs Suz x

  9. Thanks for these link parties, I love the idea! we discover wonderful blogs everyday, and I am glad I found yours :)
    Have a nice day!

  10. so many beautiful flowers! what a gorgeous color explosion! :)


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