Monday, June 18, 2012

Beyond the Square: Motif # 109

Motif # 109
Category: Squares

Progress: 50 of 100+

Half of the Challenge is accomplished! This square is special in many ways: First of all, it features the so-called "Leaning Tower Stitch", something that I had never heard or seen before. At first sight it might look like an ordinary granny pattern, but have a closer look at the dc-clusters: of the 3 dc's, there's only the base of one stitch that is worked into the ch-space of the previous round! This stitch is an "extended double crochet" (I hadn't heard of this one either), the other two dc's are worked into the base of this stitch, and together they form the Leaning Tower Stitch I mentioned above. Awesome!!
Another thing that makes this square special: this is the first motif of the "white collection", (i.e. motifs that are photographed on a white background). When I started this Challenge back in January, I had very bad lighting conditions in our apartment, so I used artificial light and a black background (because I thought the colors looked prettier on a dark background). Now it's summer and I've started to use natural light, and I've found that with natural light the motifs look better on a white background! Oh boy! In fact, I like the new pictures so much, that I have already started to take new pictures of the old motifs on a white background. That means, 49 posts to edit - let's see how long my enthusiasm lasts! :)

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  1. sieht voll schön aus, und der weiße Hintergrund macht sich prima.
    Ich finds voll schade,dass soviele tolle Anleitungen in englisch sind, dafür reicht meins oft nicht wirklich, oder ich häkel dafür noch zu wenig ums gleich zu kapieren.
    Aber du hast es richtig drauf,respekt.

  2. It looks lovely Barbara your choice of colour really makes it stand out. It's a lovely stitch I haven't tried this one yet. Congratulations on getting half way through the challenge, I still have a way to go yet, I'm still trying to decide on yarn choices for my next ones but I'll have to get a move on you are beating me ha ha :)

  3. Very pretty Barbara - (you always pick the prettiest colors). :)

  4. Very pretty! I love the 3D effect that the Leaning Tower stitch makes. Congratulations on reaching the halfway point.

  5. Where can I find the pattern?

    1. The pattern is in Edie Eckman's book "Beyond the Square". Basically, it's just the simple granny square pattern, but with the "Leaning Tower Stitch" instead of the 3-dc-cluster. I don't know, maybe there's a tutorial for this stitch somewhere in the internet?


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