Friday, March 22, 2013

Free Topic Friday At The Crochet Boulevard

Are you in the mood for another free topic link-party? Then please come over to The Crochet Boulevard and share your crochet!

The Crochet Boulevard

I'm really looking forward to seeing your new projects - especially since I haven't touched a crochet hook for weeks myself. It seems the wedding planning has really taken over my life :)


Friday, March 8, 2013

New Theme-Party at The Crochet Boulevard!

It's party-time at The Crochet Boulevard! Today's topic is Colorful, so please hop over and share your crocheted color explosions! :)

The Crochet Boulevard


Friday, March 1, 2013

Wedding News: Like a Roller Coaster

Oh boy! I've got a whole lot of news regarding the wedding - did you bring some time today? ;)
When I read my last post about the wedding, I can see "Procrastination" written all over. Well, this time you can read ACTION between the lines!

Okay, let's see where to start... yes, we've bought our wedding rings! It's funny how you sometimes have a picture in your mind how you want something to be and then end up with something completely different you even love more than your actual idea. I was always sure, that if I ever got married, I would definitely have a white gold wedding ring. And now our rings are bi-colored, palladium and yellow gold, and mine's got a tiny diamond. There was only a brief moment of shock about a week after we had ordered them at the jeweler's, when I noticed that we've made a spelling mistake when writing down the engraving - how embarrassing is that? Luckily the rings hadn't been engraved yet, so it wasn't too late to get it right, and last week-end we could pick them up. They're beautiful, and the combination (especially the use of palladium) is somewhat unusual - I'd love to show you a picture, but meanwhile John has hidden the rings, because I always wanted to take one more look at them, again and again and again :)

While waiting for the rings, I thought it would be a good time to go looking for a florist. After a friendly and informative phone call, I've learned that you obviously have to take care of other things (like dress, napkins, table runners and stuff) first, so you can pick the flowers according to the style and colors you already have. Okay. Next stop was a paper factory outlet store to pick table runners and napkins. On the spot we realized, that we had no clue about the number or size of the tables in our party location (the renovated romantic old mill), so we couldn't buy the tablerunners either. (By now you have to think that we're complete idiots *gg*)
Anyway, a few days later we met with the owners of the mill to get the information about the tables (forgot the measuring tape, by the way). And since we were already there, we decided to discuss (and decide on) the menu right away. See? We've finally accomplished something - our guests won't starve! :)
A few days later, we were back at the paper outlet, right in time for the spring exhibition with cute ideas for festive table decorations, especially for weddings. They had a nice lady there who spend the whole day showing people all kinds of fancy ways to fold napkins, and the florist I talked to on the phone showed off her work, too! In the end, we've finally got our tablerunners and napkins, so we could cross off another point on our long to-do-list.

Yesterday we scored another big point, when we officially registered our wedding. I already mentioned in my last post, that we needed a whole lot of documents (especially on John's side), and it took some time to get it all together (and have it translated and certified by an authorized translator). In the end, we've left a small fortune at the registry office yesterday: in addition to the usual fees, we had some extra charges, because John is not German (which requires extra paperwork) and mainly because we'll be getting married on a Saturday (i.e. outside business hours). We've also learned, that the declaration I signed for changing my last name is only valid in Germany: obviously I'll only be Mrs Smith as long as I'm in Germany, as soon as I visit the USA, it won't be my official name - unless I sign a similar declaration over there. Isn't that the weirdest thing ever???

Anyway, I'm proud that we really did accomplish a few things over the last few weeks. When I think about the whole planning process, I feel like I'm on some kind of emotional roller coaster with mood swings every other hour: sometimes I'm optimistic that everything's going well and I really enjoy planning, dreaming and doing - and just a few minutes later I remember that we still haven't decided this or that or haven't called here or there and then I'm convinced that everything will go wrong anyway. Isn't that totally ridiculous?? *lol*

But don't worry, I'm in the best of moods today! Not only did we buy our rings, the table runners and napkins, decide on the menu, and register the wedding, we've also made an appointment with our photographer for the pre-shooting, found a print shop for the invitations, and decided on some more details for the table decorations. AND....


by the way:

I've finally bought my dress!!!

Oh happy day!!! But this is another story for another post... (bad Barbara, what a teaser!! *gg*)

On Sunday John and I'm celebrating our anniversary and the fact that we've survived the seven-year itch - I hope you all enjoy your week-end as much as I will!

Wedding Countdown: 119 days to go!

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