Friday, August 16, 2013

Postcards From Our Honeymoon

Wait - don't say anything. I know what you think: "why is she posting pictures of her Honeymoon when she hasn't even showed us some pictures of her wedding yet??" The answer is simple and frustrating: it's been seven weeks now since we've said "I do", and we haven't seen a single professional picture yet! :( The good news: a few hours ago, our photographer has told me, that he's done with editing the pictures now, and we've agreed on picking them up on Sunday. We can't wait!! :)
I'll tell you more about the Wedding when I post the pictures, but I can already tell you one thing: the whole day was simply perfect, more amazing then I had ever imagined it in my dreams. It's been raining cats and dogs all morning until the afternoon, but even that couldn't bother us - if I could relive this day (and I really wish I could) I wouldn't change a thing! ♥  Stay tuned for more... :)

So, but now to our Honeymoon...

We've spent one week on the Greek island Crete, here are some pictures of our hotel in Panormo and the surrounding:

One day we took the public bus to Rethymnon, the next bigger city:

 And the highlight of our vacation: a day trip to the romantic island of Santorini...

Aaaah... such wonderful memories of a perfect summer vacation!  ♥ 

Love from k-town to wherever you live in this beautiful world,

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