Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wedding News: Almost There!!

Hello my friends - I'm still alive and kickin' :)

First of all: thanks to all of you who have visited my blog although I haven't posted anything new in what seems like ages!! Some of you have left comments here asking how I'm doing and how the wedding plans are getting along - it made me happy that you thought of me and I'm sorry I haven't given a proof of life sooner! My conscience is bothering me a little, but sometimes real life intervenes with blog life, I hope you understand! :)

This is the cover of our invitation cards. The first line means "after seven years"

So... it's been a very busy time recently, and now it's only three more days until we say "I do"!! :) The endless to-do-list is down to three little points, that I'll hopefully accomplish tomorrow: getting my nails done, applying for my new passport, and buying shoes (don't worry - I've already got the perfect wedding shoes, but I still need something more comfortable for the late night party, preferably in the color of my bouquet - yellow).

This is the cover of the church program. "Unsere Segensfeier" means "Our blessing ceremony".

Other than that, everything's organized: I've got my man, the documents, the dress, the flowers, the music and the favors. We've met with the mayor who'll do our civil wedding ceremony, and with the priest who'll do the blessing ceremony afterwards in the church. The weather forecast for Saturday is terrible: it's gonna be cold, cloudy and the chance of rain is at 92% - but honestly: who cares when you're marrying the love of your life? By the way: here are some pictures from our engagement shooting, which we did only two weeks ago (we had to postpone it five times due to bad weather. Of course.)

I think the pictures have turned out nice, and I'm looking forward to the official wedding pictures! I also hope we'll get some nice shots of the decoration - boy, we've really gone wild with this, you're gonna LOVE it!! Around the time when we started planning the details, my sister-in-law discovered Stampin' Up and dragged me in, too - so we've stamped and punched our way through the decoration, favors, name tags, guestbook cards, and what not. What we didn't do with stamps and scissors, I've made with the computer (like the invitations and the church program you see above).

Yes, it's been some busy months indeed - and I can say that it's been such an exciting, amazing and wonderful time, I'm almost sad it's over soon :) On Monday we'll go on our one-week honeymoon to the Greek island Crete, and afterwards I hope I can show you some wonderful pictures of the wedding and share with you the highlights of our special day.

Thanks for stopping by today, hope you're all having a great time :)

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