Saturday, May 28, 2011

More covered stones

Unfortunately my baby blanket project is stalled. I've already been to a wool shop on thursday, and they didn't have the color I need (if you're interested, the yarn is Catania by Schachenmayer, color pistachio - and I've accidentally ordered color birch). Today I've been to two other shops and a department store, they all have Catania, but not in pistachio. All I can do now is order from the online shop again - it's cheaper (1,45 € instead of 1,96 € for a ball), but I'll have to wait another two weeks until I've got my yarn (it's the cheapest but not the fastest shipping online shop).

Meanwhile I can show you some more pictures of my covered stones from my "first collection". I've already made four more stones in the last two weeks, but haven't taken pictures yet. So here we go:

This was my very first try to crochet around a stone. I was so proud that I managed it, but now I actually don't like this one much anymore. But since it's kinda like my "first-born" I wanted to show it to you nevertheless :)

The next one is a cute little stone. I startet with a flower, attached a little bead and just kept on crocheting without really having a pattern in mind. And this is actually the way I always make these stones: start with a motif and then see what happens :)

This one is different from the others, because I used darker colours. I started with the wonderful african flower motif and then... well, you know :) 

So far, the butterfly stone has been my favorite one, but I think I like the new stones even better - so if you're curious to see the next collection, you're cordially invited to come back to this blog anytime you like :)

I wish you all a wonderful week-end,


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Work in Progress - Baby Blanket

Good Morning!

Though I've still got lots of pictures of little things I've already finished, today I want to give you a little glimpse of what I'm working on right now:

Hopefully these pieces will be a baby blanket very soon. A good friend of mine who lives in New York is expecting her first baby, and this will be my little present for her. I've still got time until November, but actually I hope to finish this project in the next few weeks. Unfortunately I've ordered the wrong shade of green, so I'll try to get the right one in a wool-shop.

I'm not sure yet how I'll join the squares. I've made several blankets years ago and I used to crochet them together, but this time I think I'll try to sew them together, I want the blankie to look smooth - what is your favourite way of joining squares?

Thanks for your interest and the lovely words in your comments,


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Love is in the Air (Hearts Part 1)

First, I’d like to thank you all for your lovely comments on my first post. I was so excited when I discovered that I’ve even got some followers! When I started my blog I was a little bit afraid, that nobody would visit my site, and so I’m really happy that there are indeed some people who are interested in what I’m doing here in k-town. Thank you so very much!!

A few days ago, I had a little photo-shooting with all the stuff I’ve made in the last few weeks. When I flipped through the pictures, I’ve discovered that there are several different types of hearts I made so far, so today I want to show you two of them.

The first one I made for my Mom for mother’s day. I’ve found the pattern on MYpicot and immediately liked the patchwork-style. My Mom also liked it, but actually she loves everything I crochet, but that’s what makes a mother a Mom, I guess :)

For the second heart I made two flat hearts (visit Bella Dia for the pattern), crocheted them together, filled it with batting and added button, ribbon and some beads. I made it the day after my cat died. Her name was Mucki and she died a week before her 19th birthday. Somehow I wanted to make something that reminds me of her and so I made this heart and hung it on my bedroom’s dresser.

Other K-town News: Last night we watched a doe falling into a carp pond. No joke!! Indeed it was the pond you can see on the picture in my first post. Don’t panic, the doe survived – she could swim and got out of the water all by herself, so John didn’t have to jump down the balcony and into the pond to rescue her. And this is probably the most exciting story you’ll ever hear from K-town… :)

I wish you all a wonderful week,


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Welcome to K-town!

Hi, I’m the new kid in blogland. My name is Barbara, I’m 31 years old and together with John (the love of my life) I live in a small village named Krausenbechhofen in northern Bavaria, Germany. We like to refer to it as “K-town”, some people call it just “Beach” which is actually funny, since the only beaches in K-town are the greenfields around the carp ponds. This is the view from our bedroom – nice, isn’t it?

Though I’m German, I’ve decided to write this blog in English, because the most blogs about crochet I’ve followed recently are American or British blogs or written in English anyway. Oh yeah, crochet – this is my latest re-discovered passion since April this year, when a bad cold held me in bed for two weeks. I used to crochet a lot about ten years ago, but then I lost interest – at that time there was no such thing as blogland with the wonderful pictures, ideas and inspiration you all provide! While I was sick, I surfed a lot through the web, found some wonderful sites and now I’m just… hooked again :)

As you can see from my header, I’m totally into crochet stones since I’ve discovered Margaret Oomens extraordinary ideas on Resurrection Fern. Here’s a first picture of some of my stones, but I’m sure I’ll come back to this topic in the next weeks/month.

So far, I’ve also finished several granny squares, pin cushions, bookmarks, some amigurumis and other stuff I’d like to show you soon. I hope you like my little blog so far and I’m happy about any comment you leave for me :)

Bye for now, see you soon in K-town,


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