Saturday, May 28, 2011

More covered stones

Unfortunately my baby blanket project is stalled. I've already been to a wool shop on thursday, and they didn't have the color I need (if you're interested, the yarn is Catania by Schachenmayer, color pistachio - and I've accidentally ordered color birch). Today I've been to two other shops and a department store, they all have Catania, but not in pistachio. All I can do now is order from the online shop again - it's cheaper (1,45 € instead of 1,96 € for a ball), but I'll have to wait another two weeks until I've got my yarn (it's the cheapest but not the fastest shipping online shop).

Meanwhile I can show you some more pictures of my covered stones from my "first collection". I've already made four more stones in the last two weeks, but haven't taken pictures yet. So here we go:

This was my very first try to crochet around a stone. I was so proud that I managed it, but now I actually don't like this one much anymore. But since it's kinda like my "first-born" I wanted to show it to you nevertheless :)

The next one is a cute little stone. I startet with a flower, attached a little bead and just kept on crocheting without really having a pattern in mind. And this is actually the way I always make these stones: start with a motif and then see what happens :)

This one is different from the others, because I used darker colours. I started with the wonderful african flower motif and then... well, you know :) 

So far, the butterfly stone has been my favorite one, but I think I like the new stones even better - so if you're curious to see the next collection, you're cordially invited to come back to this blog anytime you like :)

I wish you all a wonderful week-end,



  1. These are really pretty. Love the little touches you add to them - like the butterfly.

  2. Love the stones. I have tried doing some. Do you make up your patterns as you go? Could you share how to make the butterfly?

  3. Hi Beth! Thanks for your comment, it makes me happy to know that other people like my stones! I start my stones with a motif in the middle. For the motif I often take a look at Edie Eckman's book "Beyond the Square" or I just browse the internet for flowers or other motifs ( is a good source!). Then I just make up a pattern depending on the shape of the stone (that means increasing/decreasing were necessary). Unfortunately I've got no pattern for the butterfly, my aunt makes them (also without pattern) and I just counted the stitches. Here's one that looks quite similar: . For the antennae I used plastic/wire pistils for crafting flowers. You'll get them in a handicraft shop. If you've got more detailed question, please let me know! :)

  4. I like these stones all so, they are on my to do list for sure


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