Sunday, May 22, 2011

Love is in the Air (Hearts Part 1)

First, I’d like to thank you all for your lovely comments on my first post. I was so excited when I discovered that I’ve even got some followers! When I started my blog I was a little bit afraid, that nobody would visit my site, and so I’m really happy that there are indeed some people who are interested in what I’m doing here in k-town. Thank you so very much!!

A few days ago, I had a little photo-shooting with all the stuff I’ve made in the last few weeks. When I flipped through the pictures, I’ve discovered that there are several different types of hearts I made so far, so today I want to show you two of them.

The first one I made for my Mom for mother’s day. I’ve found the pattern on MYpicot and immediately liked the patchwork-style. My Mom also liked it, but actually she loves everything I crochet, but that’s what makes a mother a Mom, I guess :)

For the second heart I made two flat hearts (visit Bella Dia for the pattern), crocheted them together, filled it with batting and added button, ribbon and some beads. I made it the day after my cat died. Her name was Mucki and she died a week before her 19th birthday. Somehow I wanted to make something that reminds me of her and so I made this heart and hung it on my bedroom’s dresser.

Other K-town News: Last night we watched a doe falling into a carp pond. No joke!! Indeed it was the pond you can see on the picture in my first post. Don’t panic, the doe survived – she could swim and got out of the water all by herself, so John didn’t have to jump down the balcony and into the pond to rescue her. And this is probably the most exciting story you’ll ever hear from K-town… :)

I wish you all a wonderful week,



  1. Both hearts are very pretty. The second one is a good memorial to remember your cat by. :)

  2. I love both hearts, but especially the first one. I think I'm going to have to try that pattern!

  3. Hallo Barbara,

    das erste Herz habe ich auch schon 4x gemacht, habe das Foto davon auf pinterest gesehen und bin dadurch zu mypicot gekommen. Wenn Du magst kannst Du es gerne mal auf meinem Blog anschauen, ich habs 2farbig und dreifarbig gehäkelt.

    Ganz liebe Grüße,
    Tanja (Gelegenheitshäklerin)


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