Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Welcome to K-town!

Hi, I’m the new kid in blogland. My name is Barbara, I’m 31 years old and together with John (the love of my life) I live in a small village named Krausenbechhofen in northern Bavaria, Germany. We like to refer to it as “K-town”, some people call it just “Beach” which is actually funny, since the only beaches in K-town are the greenfields around the carp ponds. This is the view from our bedroom – nice, isn’t it?

Though I’m German, I’ve decided to write this blog in English, because the most blogs about crochet I’ve followed recently are American or British blogs or written in English anyway. Oh yeah, crochet – this is my latest re-discovered passion since April this year, when a bad cold held me in bed for two weeks. I used to crochet a lot about ten years ago, but then I lost interest – at that time there was no such thing as blogland with the wonderful pictures, ideas and inspiration you all provide! While I was sick, I surfed a lot through the web, found some wonderful sites and now I’m just… hooked again :)

As you can see from my header, I’m totally into crochet stones since I’ve discovered Margaret Oomens extraordinary ideas on Resurrection Fern. Here’s a first picture of some of my stones, but I’m sure I’ll come back to this topic in the next weeks/month.

So far, I’ve also finished several granny squares, pin cushions, bookmarks, some amigurumis and other stuff I’d like to show you soon. I hope you like my little blog so far and I’m happy about any comment you leave for me :)

Bye for now, see you soon in K-town,



  1. These crocheted stones are beautiful - great work with the thread. :)

  2. Hola. Que bonitas son las piedras con el chochet.
    Un saludo.

  3. Hello from New York, USA! Welcome to Blogland :) Looking forward to reading your blog and seeing more of your beautiful crochet! Love those rocks, I've been wanting to try that too.

  4. you are off to a wonderful start and i am so honored to have been mentioned in your very first post:)

  5. Welcome...I found Margie's stones on The Purl Bee and I have been making them ever since..Yours are wonderful..lovely to see her touching for you...I have added myself as a follower to your blog and will be checking in again..have lovely weekend!

  6. I've never seen crocheted wraps for rocks before, but what an attractive idea! I have a rock that I found when we first moved into our new home last year, that's fairly round and smooth, and I've been hanging onto the rock since (it's on the kitchen window sill). I think I'll need to make a crochet wrap for that rock now!

    Welcome to blog land. It's addictive. Almost as addictive as crochet!

  7. nice blog!!
    from Chile

  8. Happy Christmas 2012 to you !! I have just found your lovely site - and just want to know, when you write your patterns ... are they in 'American' Crochet .. or in English Crochet ? I ask because as you might know the names of the stitches look and sound the same .. but actually do NOT mean the same thing as each other ! I have been caught out once or twice by trying to crochet something only to find I was using the 'wrong' stitches as I was using an American pattern and didn't know there was a difference !!

    I SO hope yours are in 'English' !! lol!!!


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