Hello and welcome to k-town! My name is Barbara, I’m 30-something, and together with John (the love of my life) I live in a small village named Krausenbechhofen in northern Bavaria, Germany. We like to refer to it as “K-town”, some people call it just “Beach” which is actually funny, since the only beaches in K-town are the greenfields around the carp ponds. This is the view from our bedroom – nice, isn’t it?

Though I’m German, I’ve decided to write this blog in English, because the most blogs about crochet I’m following are American or British blogs or written in English anyway. Oh yeah, crochet – this is my latest re-discovered passion since April 2011 when a bad cold held me in bed for two weeks.

I’ve been crocheting since I can remember, although I can’t remember exactly when or how I’ve learned it – I guess it was my Mum who taught me. About ten years ago, I lost interest – at that time there was no such thing as blogland with the wonderful pictures, ideas and inspiration you all provide! While I was sick, I surfed a lot through the web, found some wonderful sites and now I’m just… hooked again :)

Apart from crochet, I’m also hooked on poker and music, and I love “The Lord of the Rings”, “Ocean’s Eleven” and “Casablanca”, Subways and Starbucks, Saturday Mornings and my family of course.

I hope you enjoy visiting my blog and I’m happy about any comment you leave for me.

See you soon, if you like – ‘cause we’ll always have k-town… :)

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