Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fishing for Compliments

It’s time to show you my first steps into crocheting amigurumis. To tell you the truth – sometimes I think “enemy-gurumis” would be a better name for those little toys. I just can’t relax while crocheting amigurumis with all those tiny little legs and arms and feet and ears and tails and what not. And after that comes the worst part: Sewing all the pieces together. Now you might ask why I keep crocheting those enemy-gurumis when I actually don’t enjoy it? Because some of them are just too cute to resist and in the end the finished item is worth the effort! Just take a look at this little guy:

I’ve found this wonderful free pattern for the chubby fish on mygurumi. No teeny weeny arms and legs and tails but just a few fins. I also replaced the crocheted eyes from the original pattern with plastic eyes and it was so easy (almost relaxing) to make, that I’ve already made two of them, a boy and a girl :)

Maybe I’ll make some more fish for some guys in my poker round (those of you who are interested in poker know perhaps that a bad player is called a fish, and this is always a nice way to tease someone at the table).

To round up this topic for today, here’s a picture of John’s favorite kind of fish, that is to say the “real” fish:

Fishing is his passion (although he’d never reject a big poker fish either), and this week-end he’ll be out with his guys and hopefully get a bite or two. That means for me: A whole week-end home alone, time for myself and maybe some more enemy-gurumis :)


  1. Awww - they're so cute! :)

    Does your husband watch 'River Monsters'? The host goes fishing after some really big fish - I'm not a fisherman but I love watching that show.

  2. Hi Debi,

    Thanks for your comment! I asked John, he says he used to watch River Monsters and he's looking forward to the new season starting on Saturday here in Germany. (Although on Saturday he'll probably deal with his own little river monsters... *gg*)

  3. love the fish! I may have to make some of these for the cats to play with.

    You can always throw the fish around at people at poker night when they are being a "fish".

  4. yeah, that's exactly what I have in mind :)
    thanks for your comment!

  5. Hi Barbara - I've given your blog an award. Please come to mine and pick it up. :)

  6. I love these fishes! They are so lovely and cute!
    Good luck for your new blog! ;)

  7. I agree with you, the worse part of making amigurumis is sewing them, but it is worth the effort. Nice fishes!


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