Monday, June 20, 2011

Displacement Activities

Hi there!

Actually I was really looking forward to showing you the finished baby blanket, but unfortunately you'll have to wait a little longer. I've finished all the squares before the week-end, but I neither like weaving in all those ends, nor joining the squares. So, as a little distraction, I came up with this:

I've been using these empty liqueur bottles as vases for a while now and thought they'd look nice with a little cover. And of course I was eager to use one of my chinese buttons :)

From tomorrow on I'll be working overtime for a while now, so I probably won't have that much time for crocheting and blogging anymore. Nevertheless, I hope I can show you the finished baby-blanket before the next week-end.

Have a nice week everybody and thanks for stopping by!



  1. They're really nice Barbara - very pretty. :)

  2. Great idea for a project. I use empty wine bottles as vases and I've made wine bottle cozies when giving wine as a gift and yet never thought to combine the two to make wine bottle cozies for my vases!

    I feel your pain about joining and weaving in ends ... every time I make something with squares I love the whole process until that part and then I vow I'm never doing it again. :)

  3. Hello Barbara, These covers are looking pretty. Working overtime....pffff....wish you luck.
    By the way, there is a trick for all those loose ends, you just crochet over them (I'm not sure how to explain it). Then you only have the first and last left to weave in. I rarely use this method myself, because I think it is not neat enough, but I'm quite a whiner.

  4. Thank you all for your nice comments!

    @ Elisabeth: I've tried this method once, but I don't like the look of it, especially when the pattern has too many holes. But there are only 8 squares left now, I think I'll get through this :)

  5. Love these covers - next on my list to crochet! I have the two pieces of the pincushion finished - now I need to make the insert and finish it up. Your pattern was great - so clear and easy to do - thanks again.

  6. Hello Barbara, lovely blog you have !
    Thank you for sharing the pincushion tuttorial
    Very cute those covered stones, with the beautiful patterns.

    Greetings from Belgium !

  7. thanks for your visits and comments :)

    Susie, I've already left a comment on your blog!

    Annemarie, do you have a blog? I couldn't find it in your profile.


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