Monday, June 6, 2011

Bookmark this!

Today I’ve got something for those of you, who like quick and easy patterns with a great result. It takes about 20 minutes to make this nice bookmark or rather book thong and it’s perfect if you need a last-minute gift:

The author of this pattern is Donna Hulka and I’ve found her wonderful Tutorial on CrochetMe. With the many pictures and step-by-step instructions it’s also great for beginners. I’m quite addicted to making those bookmarks and the following pictures show just a part of my fast growing collection:

There are also a few other things I want to talk about today:

First, Elisabeth kindly told me that it was not possible to post a comment here without a google/wordpress/whatever-account. I’ve changed the setting, so anyone can write a comment now. Thanks for the hint!

Second, today I’ve discovered how hard it can be in Germany if you want to learn a certain new crochet technique. I’m talking about Double-Ended Crochet, also known as Crochenit. I found a wonderful pattern in a book (more about it when I get there) and wanted to buy some double-ended long hooks today – not possible. I haven’t found them in the department store, and on Ebay the German sellers don’t have them either. In the end I ordered from a shop in UK, that means I have to wait a little for my parcel to arrive. Just like my yarn (no news). And I haven’t even told you about my order from China yet…

Third, we were talking about my grandma yesterday, and I can tell you: she was really a master crocheteresse (I think I’ve just made up this word), and I’ve probably got the passion for Crochet in my genes. Anyway, my mom told me that I had a wonderful crocheted dress (made by my grandma) when I was little, and I searched for a picture of me wearing that dress. I haven’t found the dress, but I’ve discovered that I had quite a huge crocheted shoe collection (one pair for every day it seems). Here are two of them, sorry for the poor quality, I’ve made photographs of the original pictures because I was not in the mood to find out how our scanner works :)

Recently I’ve found out that my aunt has still got lots of stuff my grandma made (she died in 1994), and now I’m eager to visit my aunt and take some pictures of the doilies, cushions, blankets and god knows what else has survived. Hope you all gonna join me on this little trip to the past :)

I think that's all for today, have a good week everyone!


  1. Oh those old photo's, fortunately they still exist. Apparently you can find a treasure chest with your aunt and I hope that will give you great satisfaction. As for the materials: in Holland you can order those a little bit easier. If you're interested I'll give you some addresses.

  2. Yes, I'm really looking forward to visiting my aunt since my sister told me about it. Right now I'm quite satisfied with my orders. I've ordered two different sizes of hooks and this will probably enough in the beginning. But the next time I've got problems finding equipment, I'll ask you about it! :)

  3. Hello Barbara,

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I did reply but dont know if it reached you! always lovely to stop by your blog and have a read. i have been tring to dd myself as a follower but am unable to do so, dont know what the problem is!!
    I need som e help from you! In your first post about crocheted stones, Margaret Oomen had commented? That was awesome. I am hugely inspired by her and want to recreate one of her creations in crochet. Do you know how i might be able to get in touch with her and ask for permission?

    I would be very grateful for any help please!

    warm hugs

  4. Hi Ramya, thanks for your comment!

    I've simply written an e-mail to Margaret and was really surprised when she stopped by my blog and left this lovely comment. On her blog Resurrection Fern there's an "E-mail me"-Link which I used. It's at the bottom of the page, right above the archives/categories section. Good luck with your idea, I hope we'll soon see pictures on your site! :)


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