Saturday, June 4, 2011

A wonderful surprise

Good morning!

Can you believe this? Debi from Crochet, Crafts & Gardening has given me this Award:

Thank you so much, Debi! I’m really proud and happy that my little blog (still in its baby shoes) has won an award! Maybe this is a good occasion to say thanks to all those visitors from all over the world who stop by my blog. Most of them don’t leave a comment, but that’s okay – just come back if you’ve enjoyed this site. But of course any nice comment makes my day :)

I wasn’t sure what to do now with this award but Debi kindly helped me. First of all I have to tell you a few things about me, so here we go:

1. With all the crochet and hanging around in Blogland, I’ve recently neglected another creative baby of mine: I’m writing a novel, the working title is „Saintsville“, and it’s all about love, choices and challenges, poker and lots of good music :)

2. Talking about music: I love Country Music, and mainly the classics like Johnny Cash, Bill Monroe, Elvis Presley and Gram Parsons

3. Talking about Country Music: It’s always been a big dream of mine to visit Nashville – and last year this dream came true! It was awesome!

4. Talking about awesome: “Lord of the Ring” is awesome! I’ve seen the movies more than twenty times at the cinema and every year, usually around Christmas, my girlfriends and me arrange the long “Lord of the Rings Day” and watch the three films in extended versions

5. Talking about “Lord of the Rings”: Although I love the movies, the book bores me to death. My favorite book is “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams – in this case, the movie bores me to death

6. Talking about bored: I’m bored at work. I’ve made my diploma in Psychology but it’s hard to find a job in this field in Germany, so I’m working in a warehouse and this is not very challenging for the brain

7. Talking about my job: It was probably destiny to work there, because that’s where I met John eight years ago. He was – and still is – my boss (but only at work :))

And now I have to (and of course want to) pass this award on to some of my favorite blogs. Maybe some of the girls don’t take part in this game, but nevertheless I want to recommend their blogs here:

1. Rachel from CleverCheshireCats. Always a great source of inspiration – I'll tell you more about that in another post

2. Margaret from Resurrection Fern. I can never stop looking at the wonderful pictures of her amazing work

3. Lucy from Attic24. I think we’ve all been to a visit in Lucy’s wonderful attic, haven’t we?

4. Ljiljana from Colorful Senses. Her blog is like the name: colorful. Damn, I love this covered chair!

5. Elisabeth from Elisabeth Andrée. Just beautiful.

6. Alexandra from Lola Nova. Wonderful pictures and great tutorials, I only wish I could sew!

7. Marion from Marions bunte Handarbeitswelt. My favorite German blog about crochet, I adore every single piece of her work!

I think this is it, now I’ll let the girls know that here’s something for them to pick up. If I’ve forgotten to do anything else please let me know!

Thanks for stopping by, I'll be back soon!



  1. Hello Barbara, Thanks for visiting me. And you have a new follower!!:)

  2. Barbara, Barbara, Barbara,
    What a huge surprise!!!
    First congratulations on winning the Kreativ Blogger Award yourself, hurray. That must be a very big compliment for you? That you nominate me I experience as a considerable boost, I only started my blog in February of this year. Therefore I send you via this way a huge hug:) Thank you! Wish you a lovely weekend!

  3. I think I've read this somewhere before... *lol*
    You're very welcome and I'm glad I could make you happy. Thanks for your comment! :)

  4. Liebe Barbara,

    vielen, vielen Dank...ich weiß gar nicht, wie ich zu dieser Ehre komme und freue mich natürlich echt riesig! Ich würde den Award auch so gerne annehmen, allerdings fehlt mir im Moment leider die Zeit zum bloggen (ich wollte schon so lange einen Kommentar bei Dir hinterlassen) und so würde ich den Award mit allem was dazu gehört im Moment leider auch nicht posten können...und das wäre echt unfair denke ich.
    Ich danke Dir aber wirklich von Herzen und habe mich jetzt endlich mal als regelmäßigen Leser bei Dir eingetragen, was ich ja auch schon nach Deinem ersten Kommentar machen wollte. Dein Blog ist wirklich wunderschön, Du machst richtig tolle Arbeiten und ich freue mich schon riesig drauf noch mehr von Dir zu sehen und mich inspirieren zu lassen. Ich hoffe, Du bist mir jetzt nicht böse und verstehst mich ein wenig...aber im Moment habe ich Privat einfach so viel um die Ohren das ich nicht mal meine Blogrunde schaffe. Ich wollte Dir aber wenigstens von Herzen Danke sagen und es ist echt schön Dich im Bloggerland getroffen zu haben. Einen wunderschönen Abend wünsche ich Dir und schicke viele liebe Grüße mit,


  5. Hallo Marion,

    danke für Deinen Kommentar! Ich versteh Dich absolut, hab ja selber gemerkt wieviel Zeit diese Award-Zeremonie und überhaupt das Bloggen und Besuchen anderer Seiten verschlingt! Aber der Award verfällt ja nicht und falls Dir irgendwann mal (und lass es in nem Jahr sein) einfällt, dass da noch ein Award offen steht, kannst Du ihn Dir ja immernoch abholen. :)
    Ich wünsch Dir auf jeden Fall, dass Du Dich nicht so sehr vom Stress verschlingen lässt und freue mich schon darauf, wieder neue Bilder Deiner schönen Arbeiten auf Deiner Seite zu sehen!

    Viele liebe Grüße!

  6. Thank you so very much for the lovely award! It's been a bit busy here with the end of the school year so I've only just had the chance to stop by. It is so nice to visit your blog and receive such a fine award.

    How exciting that you are writing a novel! Best of luck.


  7. you're very welcome, I hope you'll accept this award :)


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