Monday, November 28, 2011

Giveaway Winners and More

Hi there, I'm back from vacation and it's been great! :) We've seen and learned so much about the Egyptian culture, we've met great people, and had a few relaxing days at the sea. Unfortunately John and I've both caught a bad cold in the second week and brought it back to Germany. The weather at home is nasty, and it's hard to imagine that only two days ago we were lying at the beach and enjoying the sun - but on the other hand it feels good to be back home, too (mainly because we were sick of the food in the hotel *gg*).

But now back to business, do you remember my little giveaway challenge?

Thank you for taking part in this game and for spreading the word about it on your blogs! And welcome to those of you who have become new followers, I hope you keep coming back once in a while :)

And now... (drum roll)... here's the solution:

As you can see, the correct number is 448 buttons, and I've decided to be strict and - since it was a condition to enter the giveaway - to consider only the guesses of followers (old or new). Those are the three girls who were closest to the right number:

1. winkieflash (467)

2. Hazel (423)


3. Saritha (400)

Congratulations!! Everyone of you will win the little goodie bag with some of my favorite buttons and beads plus a handmade bookmark plus a little souvenir from Egypt: a bracelet with a little stone shaped as a scarab: the scarab is a little bug and the Egyptians think it brings you luck - just as the Europeans believe in the ladybug as a lucky charm, I guess. Winkie who was closest to the correct number will also win my latest stone:

I've already sent e-mails to you or left comments on your blogs, please answer me soon - I need your addresses so I can send the prizes as soon as possible :)

Last but not least, a word about my theme-parties - wow, the last one was great, don't you think? Thanks for linking up so many lovely blankets! I've checked out a few of them before I went on vacation but didn't find the time to check out more while I was away, I hope I can catch up a little now!

The next theme-party will start on Thursday already! Yes, you'll have the whole month of December to link up your Christmas crochet! Old stuff, new stuff, everything is great - inspire and get inspired! :) See you all on Thursday with your fab creations! :)


  1. Congrats to the winners! :)

    Hope you and your hubby feel better soon. :)

  2. Oh wow! :D I won! :D Gosh I never ever win giveaways, this rocks!
    My email address is winkieflash at gmail. If you could mail me there? :)
    Thanks again! I'm really looking forward to getting all these wonderful presents.

  3. Oh wow exciting and on my dd's birthday as well. Off to email you back now. xx

  4. Hallo Barbara! Schön, dass du wieder da bist! Ich war in den letzten zwei Wochen auch krank, bin heut den ersten Tag wieder auf den Beinen. Ich hoffe es geht dir auch bald wieder besser!
    Freu mich schon auf die Link-Party!
    Liebe Grüße! Barbina

    Congratulations to all winners! :)

  5. Herzlichen Glückwunsch den Gewinnern!!!

    Barbara, ist echt schön das Du wieder da bist!
    Ganz liebe Grüße,

  6. Thank you so much Barbara!!For some weird reason blogger was not letting me comment here. But I had sent you a mail. Thank you sooooo much!!


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