Sunday, December 11, 2011

New Poll and some Knitting

Hey girls! :)

I'm back today with a little bit of knitting:

But before I tell you about this scarf, I've got two other things I'd like to mention:

First, I've started a new poll for our link-party in January. Once again, you can vote for your favorite topic: Baby Crochet, Kitchen, Clothing, Colorful, Pretty in Pink, Animals, or a Free Topic Party. The last one is a new category, which is actually no topic at all, because you're free to link up whatever you'd like - as long as it is crochet, of course :)

Second, I'd like to link to our current Christmas Crochet link-party again: You've already posted great ideas, check out what's new and maybe link up your latest Christmas creations - the party's still on!

And now back to my knitted scarf:

Isn't it fancy? :) To tell you the truth: I'm a very bad knitter, I just don't feel that comfortable with knitting needles like I do with a crochet hook. I like knitting socks (the first one, the second one is boring), but that's all I've ever made over the last few years. But this scarf was too easy, really - you just need the simple knit stitches, eight stitches per row, over and over again. The scarf looks curly, because it's made with a special yarn (or rather net), that looks like this:

One ball - one scarf, and then you just make knots into the ends, you don't even have to weave them in! Actually it feels a little bit like cheating, similar to those painting-by-numbers pictures: you don't have to be very talented to have a great result with little effort - awesome! :)

The color - which I've learned is teal *gg* - is almost the same as the one I've used for one of my potholders, I like it a lot! This scarf will be a present for a friend, but I think I'll make another one, soon - there are lovely colors available, even variegated yarn with a great effect for the finished scarf!

I hope you liked this little foray into the world of knitting - does anyone of you knit sometimes, too? What do you like better, crochet or knitting? And of course: Why?
I'm looking forward to reading your opinions, have a great Sunday everyone!! :)


  1. Pretty scarf - the yarn looks very interesting. :)

  2. I am knitting some more wristwarmers but I do find it laborious and slow and it hurts my hands more than crochet. I much prefer crochet.Love your scarf. x

  3. I was taught to knit and sew as a child .... in my mid-forties I've just learned to crochet and have fallen in love with it. Crocheted all my Christmas presents this year .... and it's taken a while! But I still love knitting and sewing too!

  4. Barbara, I'm glad that you shared this. I have some similar yarn to this and was reading a tutorial on about how to crochet with it. I watched the tutorial a few times and think I finally got it, but think that the knit version is quite delicate and pretty.


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