Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wedding News: The Calm before the Storm

Hey there!

I know it's been a while since I've talked about our wedding preparations, but the truth is: actually there hasn't been much going on for the last weeks.
The thing with weddings is, that you have to take care of lots of stuff early in advance (like the location, photographer, church, etc.) - but after this is done, everything feels a little stalled. And sometimes I'm worried that I'm wasting time and that there has to be something I can prepare - but I just don't know where to start! Does that make any sense?
So here are just a few random things we've been thinking or talking about, and things that are in preparation (accompanied by some Pinterest finds):

Source: Pinterest
(Spoiler No.1: Our Color will be Yellow!)

The Documents:
Documents may not be older than six months at the time of the wedding, so we've just started getting everything together: as an unmarried German citizen, it's all very easy for me: I just need my passport and a certified copy of my birth register (check). With John it's a little bit more complicated, because he's an American citizen and has been married before. Thank god he has been married and divorced in Germany, otherwise it would have been a bureaucratic nightmare, as the nice lady in the registry office told me. As for his former marriage, he only needs a certified copy of his marriage register (on the way). Since he isn't German, he also needs some kind of "marriage ability certificate", issued by the home country. Some countries participate in that, others don't, and - you've guessed it - the USA don't issue these certificates. What we need now is an exemption from this certificate, issued by the Higher Regional Court. Complicated as this usually is, we're lucky here: since John had been married here before, it's just an uncomplicated bureaucratic act to get this exemption. Nevertheless, I'm glad when we've got all the documents together and can officially register our upcoming marriage.

Source: Pinterest

(Spoiler No. 2: I'm thinking about Pinwheels...)

The Dress:
We've been to a wedding fashion show recently, and I've seen some really cute (and even affordable) dresses - unfortunately there was not a single one that I'd like for myself :( At the show they've also handed out small catalogues with the whole collection of the designers, and in one of them I've seen a dress I really liked. However, I have to wait a little longer with shopping: unfortunately after our summer vacation I've re-gained most of the pounds that I've lost in the first half of last year, which brings me to the next point...:

Last week we've started going to the gym again. It's so embarrassing crawling back after long months of abstinence, having to reduce the weights on every single machine, being frustrated to start all over again. But hey, it's worth it, right? The only thing I need is a shirt saying "Sweating for the Wedding" (seen that on Pinterest), that would definitely be the extra kick for my motivation!

Source: Pinterest
(Spoiler No.3: I'd love to wear my boots.
At least for a few takes at the photo shooting!)

The music:
That's the fun part of the whole preparations: choosing the music! And something that even John enjoys :) Everytime we hear or remember a song we like, we put it into a category: do we want it to be played at the wedding? If yes, will it be just background music during the day or will it make it to the playlist for the dance? Is the song so good, that it even makes it to the Soundtrack? Now here's another little spoiler: we've already decided that we'll give a CD as gift to our guests, our personal "Wedding Soundtrack" you could say, packed with the important songs of the day (the songs that our friend will sing at the church, our first dance, etc.) plus our personal favorites.

Source: Pinterest

(Spoiler No. 4: Yes, we will really be Mr. and Mrs. Smith,
so maybe this movie might play a role, too!)

So, it seems like I really had some things to show and tell, although I didn't even know what to write about when I started this post! :) Our next stop will probably be the jeweler's shop. The one where we've bought my engagement ring has a wedding-month in February, so we might check that out.

See you soon for more News,

Wedding Countdown: 149 days to go!


  1. I LOVE the idea of a Wedding Soundtrack! Totally wish I'd thought to do something like that when I was wedding planning....also wish Pinterest has been around then too :-)

  2. I LOVEEEEEE seeing your wedding planning-- I totally know what you mean about the stalling, because I'm in the exact same phase. All those documents sound like *fun*, LOL
    I'm with you on the boots though-- both fiance and I are thinking about wearing them at some point.

  3. HI, Barbara!
    I didn't know about your wedding plans, and I'm very happy for such significant change in your life going to come :)I liked the yellow color you chose.
    I so understand you regarding all those documents issues, because I'm married to an Indian and we faced loads of bureaucracy before marriage and facing now too. We need different confirmation and verification from either Indian or Kazakhstan side. But gradually things become easier.
    Loved the ideas for your wedding:) can't wait to see your dress!

  4. I love all your idea's Barbara, I understand about the bureaucracy, I have had similar problems myself and unfortunately my daughter is going through it now and it's proving to be a nightmare, apart from that It all sounds very exciting, I like your music idea, lovely :)

  5. Hallo Barbara! Ich hoffe, du hast den Sturm gestern gut überstanden und euer Haus steht noch auf seinem Platz! :) Deine Ideen für die Hochzeit sind super! Ich kanns kaum erwarten danach ein paar Fotos davon zu sehen! Ich hoffe ihr bekommt alle wichtigen Papiere ohne weiteren Stress zusammen. Wir hatten den ganzen Ärger hinterher. Weil wir in Kanada geheiratet haben, mussten wir danach einiges von dort anfordern, und haben so ewig auf unsere "Hochzeits-Urkunde" gewartet.
    Ich wünsche dir alles Liebe! Barbina


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