Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Good Ol' Granny Squares

Have you ever noticed that blogging about your favorite hobby pretty much resembles a Triathlon?

First, you have to do the actual thing (in our case: crochet something)

Second, you have to take the pictures and edit them (nobody wants to follow a blog, when somebody always just describes what they're crocheting, instead of showing it)

And third, you have to blog about it and share your creations with your readers.

Well, right now I have no problems with the first discipline: since I've got my crochet-mojo back I've been more productive then ever. Recently I've started a new project with the good ol' Granny Squares.

Actually, making another Granny Square blanket wasn't on top of my to-do-list (and not even somewhere near the Top 10), but it rather happened by coincidence: I was un-doing another baby blanket that I had started last winter. It had been almost finished back then, but it had started to curl on the edges, and this bothered me so much, that I just couldn't find the mood to finish it. It was a stripey kind of thing, so the strands of yarn weren't that long, and I had two options: throw it all away, or use the strands for small things, and so I made lots of  traditional 2-rounds Granny Squares.

I've made 121 squares in total, using six different colors. Then I started to join them with a continuous join-as-you-go method.

So, this was my Granny WIP. When I look over to my yarn-boxes, I also see
  • a finished baby blanket
  • two half-finished baby blankets
  • two pair of potholder-dresses
  • and several new Mandalas

"Where is the stuff?", I hear you say, "why don't you show us?" - and this brings me back to my starting point, and the second discipline of the Triathlon: the picture-taking. Somehow I'm seldom really satisfied with the quality of my pictures, that's why I always shy away from this. But I'll work on this, promise! (And I'm okay with the quality of today's pictures, I had great lighting conditions on the day I took them)

The last part of the Triathlon (the actual blogging) is easy again, and that's why we're here today :)

Let me know your thoughts on this: which part of the Blogging-Triathlon do you enjoy the most / the least?


  1. Your granny squares look luscious! I remember way back when that the granny square was my first crochet project - they never lose their appeal.

  2. The photo taking is definitely the hardest thing. Firstly I need to find a suitable location to photograph my projects and this is harder than it would seem. With three little wrecking balls living in my house with me it usually means that I have to do some serious cleaning and tidying before I can photograph anything. Secondly, when the above mentioned three little wrecking balls notice that mum is doing something unusual, ie taking photos of crochet, then they want to participate, lots of grabbing, touching and helping goes on. Often I wait until they are out of the way, which means asleep, but then I have lost my light. You see my dilemma. :)
    xXx Helen

  3. Wonderful story about your creative Triathlon. A lot of great ideas, a lot of work in progress, critisme about your own pictures and satisfaction with the actual blogging. So recognizable.
    You are making a sweet baby blanket, the pictures of it are beautiful and your post gives me a big smile on my face.

    Hugs, and keep doing the things you do in the same way, Margaret

  4. I love the colour choices for you're granny squares, love the triathlon idea :)

  5. Hmm, continuous joining....I'm currently in the process of joining-as-I-go doing the final rounds, but I'm having trouble with the continuous part...

  6. But just like in a big race there are people cheering you on in the beginning, middle and the end.

    Good luck.

  7. I love your cute little squares Barbara and I like your triathlon idea. I think I have problems with the last two bits because the first bit is over active, I turn out loads of crochet but the photography and blogging just can't keep up. I think the hardest bit has to be the photography because it's hard to get the proper lighting conditions, it's nearly always too dull here and a dull photo can spoil the effect of a beautiful piece of work but all we can do is try our best as Meredith says we can cheer each other on :)

  8. the most: to do the job (crochet, knit, whatever)
    the least: to take pictures. i don't edit them, except for the compressing part.
    in the middle: to blog about it. i have expectations after that, from readers, and sometimes i end up in disappointment.

    your blanket looks so sweet ... and the joining method is a very nice and practical one.

  9. I recently undid a whole granny square blanket. It was supposed to become a 2p bed blanket, but the colors weren't singing to me, if you know what I mean. It was already 150 squares big, but I still undid it. Very glad I did, 'cause I turned them into ripple blankets that I am way happier with. Throwing away good yarn is a sin, did you know? ;-) I like your thriathlon comparison, it really is. Isn't it? For me, often the picture taking part is a double feature too 'cause I make seperate pics for my blog ánd shop. For my blog pics can be more fun, but for my shop it's important potential buyers see the quality and the colors. Oh dear, it almost sounds like a job right? Teehee!
    Anyway, can't wait to see the progress on your blanket!

  10. wspaniałe są te woje maleńkie kwadraty! cudeńka:)
    ja to najbardziej lubię etap, przygotowania i publikacji:)
    pozdrawiam cieplutko:)

  11. I'm gonna have to go with the picture taking - I can never take a really good picture. :)

  12. I LOVE your color combo! I like all of the three parts, but don't always seem to find enough time. So sometimes I only get one post in a week.

  13. Pretty pictures! Grannies are always nice to make, aren't they? Love the colours you use, very girlish:)

  14. I love your blog! Full stop ^_^ you can type, show pictures, however you want to do it ^_^ It's all good from where I'm sitting ^_^ Beautiful blanket by the way ^_^


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