Friday, November 22, 2013

Giveaway closed and some other Quickies

Hey, it's me again, with just a few quick announcements:

The Giveaway is already closed (actually it has been just a few hours after I had posted it): Vikki from By HOOKS 4U was the first one to enter the correct year of my birth, which is 1979. Congratulations again, Vikki, I've already send you the pattern!

Pattern available in my Etsy-Shop

To all the others: thanks for all the birthday wishes, it made me smile to read all your comments (especially those who guessed my birth year 1980 and younger *gg*)

I'd also like to link to Sam's blog Betsy Makes again. She has already blogged about her experience with testing my Mandala, and I have to admit that she has picked really the cutest colors to make a set of 3 Mandalas, which she will donate for a charity project. Please hop over to see her version of the Star-Mandalas, and stay a little longer to check out her other beautiful projects!

So, and after visiting Sam's blog, you're also invited to The Crochet Boulevard, because there's a party going on right now! This month's topic: Crochet Clothing! See what others have been making and share your own runway-creations! :)

As promised, this was just a quick post to keep you up to date.

Have a great week-end everybody!


  1. Love to see your mandala in different colors. great combinations :-)

  2. Sam has made a good job of testing your pattern Barbara, they look beautiful with all the different colour combinations. :)

  3. thanks so much for the pattern...I am a thready so we will see what they look like made in thread. I hope you had a wonderful day filled with love and hugs..

  4. Thanks again Barbara for letting me test your pattern and for linking my blog in your posts, it's great to get lots of new visitors :o)


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