Sunday, December 8, 2013

New Spiral Coasters

Hello, hello!
How are you all doing on this second Sunday in Advent?
Here's a little something I've made from one of my own patterns. Although the Little Spring Mandala seems to be my most popular pattern (and post), I personally like my Spiral Coasters better. They're so quick and easy to make, and so I've made two new sets last week:

It's a set of six coaster, made with different shades of blue, turquoise and green, and so I've called it the "Ocean Breeze" set.

And here's the "Rosegarden" set, made with different shades of red, pink and purple:

Maybe I should have made a yellow one, too (you know, like "The Yellow Rose of Texas"), but then again - not everyone's a fan of Country Music and yellow wouldn't really fit into the Rosegarden-palette. Great, and now I've got Lynn Anderson's "Rosegarden" in my head! I beg your pardon... :)

These Coaster Sets are now available in my Etsy-Shop, but if you'd rather like to make some coasters yourself, you can find the free pattern here. Oh, and if you're looking for more inspiration, I'd suggest you hop over to the Project Gallery on Ravelry and check out all the lovely Spiral Coasters that other users have shared.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone,

Countdown: only 16 more days until Christmas-Eve! Yes, I love it!! :)


  1. Both sets are supe cute, Barbara :-) great choice of colors
    ♥ Ana BC

  2. Wunderschdöne Sets. Ich mag die Farben.

  3. Loooove it! Congrats, Barbara!
    I hope you have a nice day!
    Kisses from Catalunya!

  4. Ah Barbara, these coasters are very pretty! I've pinned them on my Pinterest:
    Olga :)

  5. Hallo Barbara,
    die Farben sind wunderschön und könnte sie mir auch in Weihnachtsrot mit Schneeflöckchenweiß vorstellen ;-)))
    Ich muss sie unbedingt noch häkeln!!!
    danke für die Anleitung und den Link zu Ravelry!

    liebe Grüße aus dem Drosselgarten

  6. çok güzel olmuş.ellerinize sağlık

  7. Oh, I like the colors of the Ocean Breeze set.

  8. This is super cute..I like!!


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