Monday, August 15, 2011

FIP - Flowers in Progress

What is it about crocheted flowers, that you just can't stop making them, once you've finished the first one?

On friday evening I've found the "perfect" pattern at last, and spent the whole week-end making flowers. By the way: it was an absolutely amazing week-end!! On saturday afternoon, John and me spontaneously packed our suitcase and joined some friends on a week-end trip to Kufstein, Austria. They've got a deal in a Poker Club down there, that when you're playing more than four hours, you'll get the hotel room and the breakfast for free. So I was sitting at the Poker table the whole night, waiting for good cards and making little flowers :) I always need some kind of distraction when I'm playing Poker, because this prevents me from playing bad hands just because I'm bored. The plan worked out very well, John and me both have won (even though John didn't make any flowers!) :)

Despite a very short night, we got up early on Sunday and walked to the castle in Kufstein. The weather was lovely and it was just a perfect day! In the afternoon John went back to the room to sleep a little, and I stayed outside in the sun, drinking coffee and making even more flowers. I was soon joined by a little girl from Italy who kept asking me questions about the flowers - unfortunately I didn't understand a word, and she didn't understand that I didn't understand, so we had a nice little conversation :) Her mother told me (in English) that the girl just wanted to watch and learn, so I let her watch, cut the thread after each round, and then I gave her the finished flower. I hope that helped :)

Later in the evening we went back to the Poker Club, waiting for more good hands to play and making even more flowers - it was a very productive week-end in every way :)

I've forgot to bring a needle to Austria, so I haven't weaved in the ends yet. I hope I can show you the finished flowers and the pattern later this week, so please come back if you'd like to see more. I've seen dozens of different flowers out there in blogland, but I can't remember seeing exactly this one. If you've seen this flower before, please let me know!

Wow, a long blog post today! Just another quick note before I forget about it: You can still vote for the theme of the upcoming link-party! The poll will close on thursday night, and it still looks very good for the grannies! I'm thinking about friday or saturday for the link-party, so please make sure you don't miss the fun :)

Have a wonderful week everybody!


  1. Lovely flowers!!Dont remember seeing them. And nice to hear you had a great weekend.

  2. I havent seen these anywhere, but i am in love with them. where did you find the pattern?

  3. Thanks for your nice comments!
    Bri, I've found the pattern in my own head :) It's a very simple 4-rounds pattern, so I thought maybe somebody else has come up with this one already - that's why I asked if someone has seen it before!

  4. Wunderschön deine Blume!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - mag sie sehr - bin schon gespannt auf das Endprodukt - falls es denn eines geben soll, denn sie sind auch einzeln - jede für sich - wunderbar - alles Liebe Doris

  5. Beautiful flowers!
    It's true once we begin a flower or square , it is difficult to stop ... and we want to crochet anytime and anywhere , hihi.

    Barbara, what must it have been if also John had crochet, then you had an even bigger price ! :)

    Have a nice evening :)

  6. Those flowers look lovely! I always do the same thing - make tons of flowers at once because I can't stop once I've started.

  7. I love these little flowers - they're very pretty. I haven't seen the pattern before - can't wait for yours. :)

  8. Beautiful flowers - looking forward to the pattern!!

  9. Lovely flowers :) /Limar

  10. Really pretty little flowers! And I love the colors! Have a wonderful week too!

  11. Oooh what a pretty flowers. Love all the colors. Good job!
    Have a great week too!

  12. Crochet flowers are always addictive...we would love you to join our Group The Flower bed...all of us are flower fanatics
    Suz x


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