Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's Voting Time Again!

Now that the first theme-party is over, it's time to start the poll for the next link-party in September.

Of course the Granny Squares aren't on board this time, and I've also taken out the topics "Amigurumi" and "Covered", because they had only one vote each in the last poll. If you want them back, just let me know.

Instead I've added "Animals" (a suggestion by littleorphanskein): Crocheted animals (like toys), items with animals in them (like blankets with a design), or crocheted items FOR animals. 

You can read more details about the other topics in a previous post. As usual: new ideas are always welcome, just leave a comment! :)

You've got about two weeks time to vote, I'm thinking about Friday the 16th of September for the party.

Unfortunately, I've got nothing new to show you :( I'm still working a lot and last week-end I had to catch up with things left undone during the week. The upcoming week-end should look better, I think. I hope I can make some progress with the wiggly cushion (thanks for all your wonderful comments!) and start the tutorial. I hope you can wait a little longer :)

However, I don't want to leave you without any pictures at all, so I searched for something I've made some time ago and haven't showed you yet:

I've found this wonderful pattern for the "Pop Heart" on MyGurumi (it's the same site where I've found the pattern for my fish).

From K-town, with Love :)



  1. Hoping to get to participate this time around. My laptop had issues with not seeing the network and it took me awhile to get it back online so I missed the last link-party.

    [A note for others out there with a dell inspiron laptop and cats... if your laptop suddenly cant see networks anymore... try hitting ctrl + F2 (or whichever function key shows a picture of a tower with signal marks). That's the code to turn the network back on if your cat somehow turned it off!]

  2. I voted. I'd actually voted for grannies but I haven't gotten enough of my big granny actually ready to share it so phooey on me for that. :)

  3. Voted. I could not access the internet much during the previous link party!!Hope I an participate this time.

  4. I like the last photo with the background being black and white! It makes the heart stand out!

  5. Oh, I love that heart!
    So cute.
    And I love your crochet link-party- such a great idea for sharing ideas.

  6. The heart is so cute. I should try to make one.

  7. Great heart and photos - I love the mix of black and white with a splash of color!


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