Sunday, June 24, 2012

Another Gift for Another Girl

Happy Sunday!

In my last post I've showed you the gifts I've made for John's Mom and his sister, and I've made another little gift this week-end:

One of our trainees, Simone, will finish her apprenticeship and leave the company while we're away, so I made her a little farewell-gift. This is a very small stone, embellished with a butterfly (you can find the pattern for the butterfly at marie's making). Simone knows that I'm making this stones, and last year she brought me some little rocks from her vacation, so I thought this would be a nice gift.

John also asked me to get a cup for her, because he broke the handle of Simone's coffee-cup just a few weeks ago. So yesterday I've bought a really cool one: it says "goodbye kitty" and it's got a hello-kitty-style comic-cat on it, wearing a dynamite belt. I especially love the drop of sweat on the cat's forehead :) Simone's got a cool sense of humor, so I think this is the perfect farewell-gift for her!

And after preparing those gifts the last days, I received another gift myself this week-end: Craftgirl78 has passed One Lovely Blog Award on to me. Thank you so much! I'm feeling really lucky and honored to be on your list!

Since I've already blogged about the Sunshine Awards last week-end, answered the questions and passed the award on to some other great blogs, please allow me to skip this part for now - I'll come back to this when I'm back from vacation!

Have a great day everyone,



  1. That is very pretty and enjoy your vacation.

  2. Very cute! I love the butterfly. Thank you for the links to the two blogs; I love finding new ones to follow. And the cup is awesome!
    Congratulations on your award!
    Have a great vacation :-)

  3. Very nice!I love this one!I want to make something like that round a piece of soap,but I can't find a nice round soap to do that....
    I hope you have a great vacation!


  4. I hope you enjoy your vacation! I'm totally loving these stones, and the butterfly is so pretty!

  5. Another beautiful gift Barbara, the little butterfly finishes it off perfectly, congratulations on your award. :)

  6. Very delicate!!!

    Enjoy your holiday

    Amanda :-)

  7. It looks gorgeous!! Have a nice holiday:)

  8. Love your work, happy crafting

  9. I enjoy your pictures of your little gifts you make for special people in your life.
    It shows that something small and simple, with not too many hours or much expense can be quite precious and lovely.
    I like the post on the potholder dresses, too. So cute! I agree. The button is an important decision.
    I used to make little dishcloth dresses out of crochet thread.


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