Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Who Loves Buttons?

Stupid question actually, just take a look at this picture:

Honestly, who could NOT fall in love with those beauties? I did, when I opened the parcels that arrived last week. One of the parcels was from China, I ordered the buttons via Ebay:

The other parcel came all the way from the USA, from Shelly's Buttons and More Online Store:

These are all Jesse James "Dress it up" buttons, most of them are "Color Me" collections (different shaped buttons of the same color theme), I've ordered blue, red, plum, green, and "Tropical Escape" (that's the pink/yellow/green/orange collection in the middle). The six big flower buttons (top middle) are from the "Sew Fun" series (style 13 retro flowers).

The colors, the shapes, aren't those buttons just amazing? I'm so happy with them, so I thought you might enjoy them, too - would you like to have a few of them? I'd love to share my happiness with you, so let's just make a quick little giveaway, shall we? Here's your prize (left side):

It's a goodie bag, filled with lots of buttons. Some of them are from the new collections I've showed you above, and some of them are buttons that I already had in my box - let me surprise you :)

All you have to do is leave one comment here (and only one, please), telling me why you love buttons. Or what you would do with new ones. Just tell me something :) The one who writes the 10th comment to this post will win the bag - easy, isn't it? Of course I'll change the settings of the comments for this game, so you don't see the comments at once and won't know if you're the first, 5th or 10th person. I'll release the comments as soon as we've got a winner (that is - if I'm online at that time, maybe you have to wait until tomorrow *gg*).

Good luck to you all: be quick - but not too quick! :)

edit 10:40pm: hold your horses girls, we've already got a winner! This has probably been the quickest giveaway in the history of giveaways ever! The 10th comment was written by Annaboo about 90 minutes after I've published this post, she wrote:

"Aw, well I'll be the first then!
I love buttons because they can transform any bag, cushion, jumper, cardigan, blanket, scarf, hat (and about another bazillion things) into something individual and original.
Lovely giveaway idea!

That's cute, you thought you were the first - but indeed you're the winner! :) And you're so right about the buttons transforming anything into something individual - I'm looking forward to seeing what you're doing with the buttons I'll send you, I hope you enjoy them!!

To all the others: thanks for playing, and even if this giveaway is closed now - I still love reading your thoughts! :)



  1. They're so pretty! Nice catch!

  2. Hi! I love buttons because my grandmother had a Mason jar full of them that she'd let me play with. Brings back fond memories :)


  3. Those buttons are lovely Barbara,Oh yes I love buttons too a button stash is as necessary as a wool stash and have you noticed, when you need buttons for something it doesn't matter how many you have in your stash you can never find quite the right one's and you end up buying more lol.

  4. Sehr schön!
    So frohe Farben!♥
    Liebe Grüße,*Manja*

  5. They are beautiful! I love buttons because they come in so many colors, shapes and sizes. They're just fun to play with! I would add them to my greeting cards or maybe get brave and add them to my crocheting (sewing scares me!). Thanks for sharing your fabulous find with us!

  6. I would love to have those buttons! First I would just stare at them and play with them for a few days, and then I would crochet a pillow and/or a baby girl dress to use them on. Just like yarn, you can never have too many buttons! ;)

  7. me gustan mucho los botones desde pequeña, mi madre era modista y tenia una gran caja con botones, a mi me encataba mirarlos, aprendí desde muy chiquita a coserlos en un trapo, me hacia gargantillas....

  8. Hi Barbara! I love all those colourful buttons!

  9. I LOVE buttons!!!!! Why???? I really do not know!???! but I love them so much!!!!!!♥!!
    I would be happy to be the 10th, but if I am not, maybe you would be aggree for an exchange with me???? maybe against something I could make you??? or against something from France, Marie-Claire Idées or others crafty french mags;o)????
    (I'm french, so I hope you understand me;o)

    my precedent blog
    and now, the new one;o)

    bisoussssssssss***********and thank you*******

    1. Hi Tara, and thanks for your enthusiastic comment! Your offer made me think about organizing a buttons swap sometime in the future, maybe after my summer vacation. I'll come back to this, okay?

      thanks again for your visit! :)

  10. Aw, well I'll be the first then!
    I love buttons because they can transform any bag, cushion, jumper, cardigan, blanket, scarf, hat (and about another bazillion things) into something individual and original.
    Lovely giveaway idea!

    1. Congratulations, Annaboo - you're the winning number 10! :)

  11. I love buttons because they're so versatile! The colours, shapes and sizes are endless, and they can be used on soooo many projects :)
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Helen x

  12. So Sorry I missed on this one. Buttons are memories then and now. My Grandmas Moms and just special things. I use them as my closures on my crochet what-evers and they always remind me of why and where...

  13. Congratulations Annaboo and great idea Barbara.....jeez but there's some really creative people out there in blog land :-)

  14. Yay Annaboo - a deserving winner! Wow - your buttons are amazing. They are quite addictive aren't they? I remember my mum having a big glass coffee jar full of buttons when I was little, and how we loved to tip them out and sort through them. Now my children do the same with my button collection.

  15. Oh darn - I missed it.

    Barbara your new buttons look so pretty - have fun playing with them.

    Congrats to Annaboo. :)

  16. those buttons look so so cute n pretty! I love collecting them.I missed your giveaway!

  17. Congratulations Annaboo!!
    Deine Knöpfe sind ja wunderschön, bin soo neidisch!! :) Mir würden spontan tausend Dinge einfallen, die ich damit machen könnte.
    Geht es dir auch so, irgendwie gibt es hier nirgendwo schöne Knöpfe in den Läden, aber nun weiß ich ja wo ich welche bestellen kann!
    Hab einen schönen Feiertag Barbara! xxxBarbina

  18. I missed your giveaway. congrats to the winner!
    They are just beautiful!

  19. congratulations to te winner I missed out but the eason I love buttons is because you can get insperation from to crochet or knit your project and sitting the in a jar brights the room with colour.

  20. Replies
    1. I know this is way past the giveaway, but I just have to comment! Aren't buttons fabulous? They are one of my all-time favorite things in the world. My grandma had here mom's buttons, plus her own. When we visited, I would empty her treasures out and just sort them for fun.
      I love beading and buttons on beading projects, crochet and knitting projects and am learning to sew with a machine, so they also are adornment as well as practical closures.
      May I ask you where you got the buttons in China from? They are so cute with the polka dots! I am loving polka dots more and more. Which is a visit back to my childhood and high school days. :)
      Thank you so much for sharing with us! A warm fuzzy for sure.

    2. Hi ShelleyJo and thanks for your comment! The ebay seller's name is pd-schmuck: http://myworld.ebay.de/pd-schmuck/
      However, this is the link to the seller on e-bay Germany, they probably ship worldwide, but I don't know which name they're using in other countries. Good luck, I really recommend this shop (though you have to wait a little for your stuff to arrive from China, it's worth the wait!)

  21. Hi,
    ich habe diese Knöpfe mit den Punkten auch und mache mittlerweile immer einen an meine Sachen dran.. ich liebe die Knöpfe!


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