Saturday, August 11, 2012

A new Project, an Award, and more

Hello World, you look wonderful today! :)

Today I've got several things to share with you, so let's just start right away with a new project:

This is the start of a new blanket, it will be another double-ended crochet (or "Crochenit") blanket, like the "Magic Blanket" I've made last year. I started the blanket last week-end with some left-over yarn in my stash, and so far I've made about 30cm. I'll tell you more about the how's and why's in another post when I've made some more progress.

When I went through my stash last week-end, I was also delighted to find a bunch of motifs for the Beyond the Square Challenge, that I had made before I went on vacation - and I had totally forgot about them. Now I just have to weave in the ends and block the motifs, so I can publish them here on my blog. While I was gone, a few girls have joined our Challenge and added their motifs to the Gallery, so I've also updated the Challenge News today to welcome the new members to our little party.

In the News Update, I've also mentioned Kara's Granny Month over at Petals to Picots, and I thought I'd recommend her idea here as well, because it might be interesting to all of you who love Granny Squares (and who of us doesn't? *gg*)

Finally, I'd like to thank the lovely ladies who gave me the "One Lovely Blog"-Award recently: Thank you Craftgirl78, Debi Y., TACIStudio, Ali and Ruby/Moley Makes - I really appreciate this honor!

Now 7 facts about me. Okay, this is easy this time, I'll just sum up a few things about our vacation:

In the past few weeks I've...
  • rooted for the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park, MI (but still don't get the rules of Baseball)
  • got soaking wet in the mists of the Niagara Falls, Canada (even my camera stopped working for a while - the shock!!!)
  • got a bad bad sunburn at Venice Beach, CA (our own fault: we've forgot the sun-lotion at the hotel)
  • had a mexican Dinner in Tijuana, Mexico (another thing accomplished on my life's to-do-list)
  • played Poker at the El Dorado in Reno, NV (and the hotel was the best and cheapest during our road-trip. Weird.)
  • walked over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA (taking lots of pictures, it took us about an hour)
  • held a Tarantula in a Tattoo Parlor in Royal Oak, MI (while John got his "D" for Detroit on his arm)

Last but not least, I'd like to pass this award on to

Even if you don't play along in the award-games: I love visiting your blogs, just wanted to let you know... :)

Thanks for stopping by in k-town today,
have a lovely week-end everybody!



  1. Love your new blanket ! The colors are wonderful !

  2. You're very welcome Barbara. What a great vacation you had - you did a lot of cool stuff. :)

  3. Deine neue Decke sieht vielversprechend aus. Ich mag die Farbzusammenstellung.

    Ein schönes Wochenende noch

  4. Love the blanket. Did you enjoy around Detroit, Niagara Falls? That's my neck of the woods.

    1. it might sound strange, but the two weeks around Detroit were my favorite part our vacations. Probably because John family lives there and meanwhile it feels like a second home to me - I love the D :)

  5. Vielen lieben Dank für den Award Barbara! Ich freu mich riesig, daß du an mich gedacht hast!
    Es war schön deine 7 "Fakten" zu lesen! Bis auf die Tarantula, ich glaub ich wäre schreiend davongelaufen! :)
    Bin gespannt auf deine neue Decke!
    Hab noch ein schönes Wochenende! Barbina

  6. YAY! good to see you're back! The blanket looks awesome- can't wait to hear the story :)

  7. Your very welcome Barbara. Your blog is a lovely place to visit :)

    I do like your new blanket. I've never attempted double ended crochet. I still have lots of crochet techniques I want to learn, but then I've only been crocheting for 2 years. I'm a far more accomplished knitter.

    Eeeek. You held a tarantula!! Rather you than me. I really, really do not like spiders. You're a far braver woman than me :D

    Ruby x

  8. This pattern looks amazing Barbara!! Love the colours too.

  9. Aaaaaaaaaaah!
    (sorry, have TERRIBLE arachnophobia- which is so annoying, because I think that spiders are beautiful and clever!!)
    Love the crochet- am keen to learn about what you've done there- great colours, too.
    Happy weekend!

  10. Was für eine tolle Decke! Wunderschöne Farben! Kann man irgendwo eine Anleitung erstehen? Ich würde gerne auch eine Decke häkeln!
    Schönes Wochenende und liebe Grüße

  11. wonderful new blanket!!!
    I love both pattern and colors!!

  12. Thank you SO MUCH, Barbara. I am honored to be nominated for the award. And I also LOVE your blog!!!
    That new blanket is looking lovely. Can´t wait to see more of it.
    See you in the web... ♥ Ana BC

  13. Congratulations on the award Barbara, I'm following granny month too and your blanket is going to be stunning as always, great to see you back :)

  14. The blanket looks great so far! And, I hadn't heard about granny month and I do so love them! I've completely forgotten to share the pictures of my grannies in your gallery - I did actually make a bunch from Beyond the Square, so thanks for all of the reminders and congratulations on the award!

  15. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Award :-). Die neue Decke schaut toll aus, cooles Muster. Bin schon auf weitere Bilder gespannt!

  16. Love your blanket! Congratulations with the award:)


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