Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Beyond the Square: Motif # 16

Motif # 16

Category: Circles

Progress: 83 of 100+

A circle made with puff-stitches. I like them, but when in doubt, I'd rather go with popcorn-stitches. What about you? Puff or Popcorn?

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  1. I still have to learn both!! Maybe one day I'll have the answer (hope so!)!!!
    Have a good day, xxx Alessandra

  2. Your circle is very beautiful! Love the colors! I still prefer puff stitch, it looks soft and puffy!

  3. The puffs are pretty, but I also prefer popcorn stitching. Popcorn stitches seem to my eye to be a bit more sturdy, less likely to attract snagging.

    Your crocheting is always so very well done!

  4. Puffs are my all time favorite. It's very cheerful....Love it!

  5. Same here, i too prefer the pop corn, somehow they look better and prettier :) Your motif is lovely!

  6. Dear Barbara! Congratulations! You're nominated for the "One lovely blog award"! :) See my page for more info: http://hollywood-cerise.blogspot.be/2012/08/and-nominees-are.html

  7. Wow, das schaut super aus in den Farben! Ich könnt mich jetzt nicht 100% für einen von beiden Stichen entscheiden. Popcorn sieht schöner, fülliger aus, aber jenachdem wo, mag ich den Puff Stitch auch sehr gern :-)


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