Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Little Christmas Crochet

I don't know what it is with this time of year, but I always seem to end up making little Christmas baskets, remember last year's Basket Parade?

This time I've started with a round base and continued with my favorite stitches right now: back loop only and front loop only single crochet stitches, also known as BLO- and FLO- sc's. That's why I've decided to call this little basket my Blow-Flow Christmas Bowl :) (I've added the "w"s because I thought the words look better this way *gg*)

And talking about favorite stitches: If you come visiting me on regular basis, you probably know that I can't do without surface stitches right now. This time I've combined them with regular chains and made a little bow.

And good news: instead of promising you a tutorial that never follows (sorry for last year's empty promise), this time I've finished it already! So, if you'd like to have a go at this easy pattern, just come back tomorrow to learn more! (Edit: find the free pattern here)

I only wished there was a Christmas Crochet linkparty going on somewhere to show my little bowl... oh wait, there is one over at The Crochet Boulevard! Have you been there already? :)

See you tomorrow for the pattern and have a great week-end,



  1. Very pretty Barbara - little baskets always come in handy. Have a great day. :)

  2. So cute!! I love surface stitches-- so much fun, and so easy!

  3. Your Christmas bowl looks lovely. Can't wait for the pattern. Maybe I can give it as a gift who knows!

  4. wonderful basket. And the slip sts look so cute, as well as the bow. I have to make one some day ;-)

  5. They are lovely Barbara, looking forward to the pattern :)


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