Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Beyond the Square: Motif # 17

Motif # 17

Category: Circles

Progress: 144 of 144

I saved the best for last... from the first time I've flipped through this book, this one was my favorite and I knew that I wanted to finish the Challenge with it, be it 100 or 144. It's very elaborate, each of the eight little flowers is made separately and joined to the previous flower, that means there are lots of ends to weave in - and twice as much, when you make the flowers in two colors, like I did (other than in the book, where the motif is plain green).

I really hope you've enjoyed this year's journey through a fabulous book. And now it's time for one last Celebration Post...

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  1. Congratulations Barbara that is one great achievement, this is a beautiful motif and you have done it proud, it looks lovely in two colours. :)


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