Sunday, July 31, 2011

Magic Blanket Ride: Chapter 3

We're back from Austria and I think it's time to show you the progress I've made with the Magic Blanket. Here it is, spread out on our bed:

Unfortunately it's another cold and grey day today, so the pictures are a little bit dull. By the way: I really feel like Johnny Cash in Folsom Prison, cause "I ain't seen the sunshine since I don't know when". Thank god we've planned a beach vacation in November (Canary Islands or Dominican Republic), otherwise I'd really go nuts! Pullovers and raincoats in July - how sick is that?? Sorry for the digression and back to blanket, here's a close-up:

The structure of the blanket is similar to this popular ribbed pattern which is often used for knitted socks. It's also quite elastic, here's a close-up of the fabric when it's a little bit stretched:

See the "dark side" shine through? I'm still thrilled about this technique, it's fabulous! Here's another picture where you can see both sides:

Finally I'd like to show you what Bri has called "alien tools" :)

These are my "Crochet on the Double" swivel hooks. I've ordered them in three different sizes, and for this blanket I'm working with the green hook (5mm, H-8). And now the facts:

Intermediate Statistics:

Width: 1,50m (~59 in) (same as always)
Length: 90cm (~35.4 in)
Colored Stripes: 18
Yarn Usage (basic colors): 10 balls of grey + 7 balls of white
Days actually worked on the blanket: 26 (I took the blanket with me to Austria but didn't find a lot of time to work on it)
Previous Posts: Introduction - Chapter 1 - Chapter 2

Half of the blanket is finished, because I was thinking about a final length of ~ 180cm. I still enjoy the Magic Blanket Ride, but I think I have to force myself to put the blanket away for a while. Tomorrow, I'll be back at work, still working overtime (probably until the end of October). So the time for crocheting is still limited and I really do miss working with a "normal" hook, making little items. My aunt gave me some flyers with vintage patterns for potholders and other things, I've still got some stones at home that wait to be dressed, and my fingers are itching to try the Overlay Crochet from Crochet Master Class. So if you're curious about my next projects, I'd be happy to see you back in K-town, soon! :)


  1. Hallo Barbara! Deine Decke wird immer schöner und schöner, wie weit du schon bist, toll! Wie lange brauchst du denn für eine Reihe? Ich glaube das Buch muß ich mir auch kaufen! :o)
    Liebe Grüße! Barbina

  2. It's coming along nicely - looks like it's gonna be real warm and cozy. :)

  3. Every time I catch a peek at the progress you are making on this blanket, I am totally shocked! This is so interesting and beautiful to me!

  4. Thank you all for your comments!

    Debi, yes it's really cozy. It's grown so big already, that John sometimes snuggles up under the blanket while I'm working on it :)

    Bri, maybe you should try it, too? I think you like new crochet challenges, and this technique is so simple, anyone who can make single crochet stitches won't have any problems, I promise!

    Barbina, it takes about 30 minutes to work back and forth: in one row you pick up the stitches on your hook (just like working "unfinished" single crochet stitches), for the next row you slide all the stitches to the other end of the hook and work them off (usually with the second color). That's it. :)

  5. Your blanket is pretty! Thanks for posting the close ups of the stitches, they show how interesting the structure is. Good work!

  6. Wow! Being quite new to crochet, I have never seen anything like this before- it's amazing.
    I am loving your blog and cannot read it quickly enough! I love the little crochet stones - funny, these were next on my to do list- and I love the little embellishments you've added to yours.
    Anyhoo am latest follower so I don't miss out!
    If you have time, do pop over to my end of bloggyland and say hi- I love a little crochet too!
    Have a great week.

  7. it is really beautiful. looks so warm and cosy. is it getting heavy?

  8. I love it and the colours are beautiful! Makes me want to have a go at this style of crochet :)

  9. I'm so impressed with your crochet! I really don't understand those hooks and how they work. I'm having a crafty linky party on my blog! You should add some projects ^_^


  10. Me gusta como te queda la manta pero no entiendo como se hacen los puntos.
    Un saludo.


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