Friday, July 8, 2011

Giveaway - The Second Chance!

It's friday, and so far none of you has guessed the real weight of my giveaway-stone (although one of you is very very close!). As promised, here's a little hint:

I put the stone on top of a regular sized apple, and the total weight is 363g. Please don't guess the weight of the apple, I haven't got it anymore and can't send it to you :)

The question's still: what is the weight of the stone? If you've already entered a guess, you can post another one now, and both your results will count! (So don't worry, if you think you're the one who's closest to the real weight, you don't "lose" your first entry by making another guess!)

If you haven't entered into this competition before, please read what it's all about and enter your guess!

Thank you all for participating, on Sunday I'll definitely announce the winner, so good luck to you all! :)

PS: just in case you wondered, why the kitchen scale's got a yellow handle now: the one with the green handle was my mother's, and I really liked it (there's actually a measuring beaker attached to the handle, and you can change the units of weight). So last week-end John brought me this one! A kitchen scale instead of flowers - that's why I keep him :)


  1. 190g?! Liebe Grüße von Barbina

  2. My second guess is 397 grams - wish I were more familiar with the metric system.

  3. Liebe Barbara,

    ich tippe jetzt einfach mal auf 214g.

    Dir wünsche ich ein wunderschönes Wochenende und sende ganz liebe Grüße mit,


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