Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Special Feature # 1: My Grandma's Crochet

Those of you who have followed this blog for a while, might remember that I had planned to visit my Aunt, because she's kept lots of my Grandma's old crochet stuff. Last Saturday the day had come, and my Aunt showed me every handmade treasure she could find.

Everytime I thought I had taken the last picture, she brought something else she just remembered :) My Aunt's also a wonderful crocheter, she's mainly into doilies and other lacy things. My Grandma could make anything, I guess. Just look at those poodles! They're so old, the brown one's already blind :)

Most of the things I'm gonna show you are made in the 1970s, so they might look old-fashioned, mainly because of the color choices. But look at the patterns!! Everything she made was so creative, elaborate and unique! Okay, I have to admit that the next guy is quite an obscure fellow, but it's great crochet nevertheless.

Here's a little sheep and a ladybug, I bet they didn't call them amigurumis forty years ago :)

In my Grandma's old kitchen (now my Aunt's craft room) I've discovered these old potholders still hanging on the wall:

And downstairs, in my Aunt's bedroom, I've found this little treasure on the dresser:

This is just so lovely!! The next one is a decorated candy glass (quite dusty, my Aunt found it somewhere in the basement):

My Mom told me, that they didn't have many detailed patterns at that time, and my Grandma probably just looked at crochet stuff in magazines and tried to re-work them, or she just made up her own patterns. I really do admire the talent she had! My Grandma died in 1994, and as far as I know she didn't crochet that much anymore in her last years. I really don't want to sound too sentimental now, but somehow it's a wonderful feeling to know that my Grandma Maria's crochet - that probably would have been forgotten in the years to come -  will now be seen by people from all over the world and stay in the internet forever!

Those of you who have waited for my Granny's squares (*lol* forgive me the pun) should not be disappointed: I've also discovered some cushions and blankets, and I'll show you the pictures in one of my next posts. My Aunt's crochet and other crafts are also more than worth seeing, and of course I've made some progress on the Magic Blanket Ride, so I'd be really happy to see you back here soon!


  1. Your Grandma was a great crocheter. I love the little dolls. :)

  2. These are great and how wonderful that you have them! Your granny was very talented!

  3. These are all priceless!!Your grandmother was so talented!!Love the potholders and the dolls!!

  4. Hallo Barbara! Deine Großmutter hat ja wunderschöne Sachen gehäkelt, die Puppen gefallen mir besonders gut! Es ist toll, wenn man solche Andenken an einen geliebten Menschen hat. Es wäre schön, wenn meine Enkel sich auch noch, so wie du ,über mein Gehäkeltes freuen. So weit hab ich bisher noch gar nicht gedacht! Vielen Dank für deinen Post, der mich jetzt richtig zum Nachdenken gebracht hat.
    Ich wünsche dir alles Liebe! Barbina

  5. What absolute treasures. Thank goodness your aunt saved them all. And how wonderful that you are carrying forward the gift of handmade just like your grandma. Blessings, Tammy

  6. I love this. I was just about to make a post in honor of all the work my mom does. But I was a little shy, as I am quite a private person, but this gives me some courage to share a bit of my personal life :) Thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh, thank you all for your lovely words!! My aunt will be so happy when I tell her about your comments! She was so excited, when she showed me her own and my grandma's stuff - she really enjoyed last Saturday, I think.

    Bri - I'd love to see your mom's work! :)

  8. What an amazing treasure of handmade items!

  9. My grandmother was also a very prolific and talented crocheter, and you have inspired me to show her work on my blog too! I love your grandmother's work and am so glad to see it posted. Her crochet critters are really fun and cute.

  10. Thanks again for the inspiration. Here's a post about my grandmother's crochet, inspired by your posts: http://undergroundcrafter.com/blog/2011/08/04/nans-handiwork/


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