Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Basket Parade

Hey girls! Have you all started your Christmas crochet preparations already? I've seen that some of you have, and so I wanted to join the fun. I thought a little Christmas basket would be nice, wouldn't it? I've tried some ideas I had in mind, and in the end I've found three different patterns I really like (not only for Christmas). 

That was my first try. I like the pattern for the sides and the style of the border, but not the combination of them in one basket :) so this basket is not on my top3-list. Here's the second try:

I've used some typical Christmas colors and the same pattern for the sides like in my first try. I've made a different border and was quite happy with the result.

For this one I've worked with two shades of brown. I like the pattern, but I think I've got a problem with the colors. So maybe not brown the next time :)

I think that's my favorite pattern. I've always wanted to try working beads directly into the fabric while crocheting. The double border's almost the same like in the first try, but I've added the beads in the last row. Unfortunately, on this picture you can barely recognize the pattern for the sides, but it's a nice one, trust me :)

The pictures 2-4 are my favorite combinations of side pattern and border style, but actually it's a mix-and-match thing, each of the three patterns can be combined with each of the three border styles. If you like my baskets, please check back soon for the patterns! :)


  1. Christmas? Oh noooo, Sinterklaas first :-)
    The baskets look great, well done.

  2. great baskets, i like the christmas one best!

  3. beautiful baskets!i like the blue one with beads more!

  4. They all look very good!!I especially liked the second one!!

  5. Colours aside - I actually like the brown and cream one, that in festive colours and beads would look good :) The blue and bead version is my next favourite x

  6. I have not started, even though I've been reading about Christmas projects on other blogs. I will probably take it right down to the wire and be crocheting or knitting in those last seconds of December.

  7. Ooh ooh ooh! You should use the brown one as a basket to hang under a (yet to crochet/make) hot air balloon :D That's what it reminded me of :)
    (and then you could put baby Jesus in it, you know, to keep it Chrismassy ;))

  8. que bonitas cestas!! muy buena idea para la Navidad y llenarlas de nueces y dulces..muy bonitas!!

  9. Oh yes... the little basket with beads is my favourite too. Lovely dovely.

  10. They look great, I may have to make a basket now.

  11. very nice oh no haven't started Christmas yet,,,I liked the Christmas colors oh the 1st one..

  12. I like the 1st basket & the brown basket. The brown looks good, maybe it's asking to be filled with some gingerbread or handmade soaps?


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