Friday, October 14, 2011

Theme Party # 3: Bags and Purses

It's party time again, how nice to see you back in k-town! It's been a tight race, but Bags/Purses have made it to the pole position this month. Can't wait to see all your bags and purses in the collection below! :) And while you're here, don't forget to vote for the next topic - there's a new poll in my right side bar! If this is your first k-town link-party, please read more about it before submitting your link, thank you!

This collection can be found at The Crochet Boulevard now!


  1. I cannot believe it's already been a month since the last party!
    Fab, as always.

    P.s. I've got a giveaway over at mine if you fancy it!!

  2. A new theme is already here!!I have posted so many links. Hope I did not overdo it.


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