Friday, October 28, 2011

The Pinterest Bug...

... has bitten me too :)

I've read a lot about Pinterest on other blogs, seen great pictures and followed some links - needless to say, Pinterest had me at Hello ;)

Yesterday I received my invite, and spent the whole night pinning and re-pinning - you probably know what I'm talking about! I started browsing the crochet boards, but was soon distracted by the Print & Posters pins. I think I'm ready for a new addiction... :)

Have a nice week-end everybody!

Source: Pinterest


  1. Pinterest is fabulous ... I found a yarn supplier via Pinterest who does wonderful crochet patterns too via a contact on interest. Just received some of that yarn in the post and it's gorgeous! Probably would never have found them otherwise.

    You just need to pick up one of the 'follow me on interest' buttons for your blog!

  2. Hey awesome, you've got pinterest too! :) Find me on Pinterest! (just go to my blog - there's a pinterest button in the sidebar that takes you right to my boards!)

  3. i am also there on pinterest! its really addictive!


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