Sunday, September 2, 2012

About a Blanket

Recently I've already shared a glimpse of the new blanket I'm working on, so let's talk about this new project some more. A few weeks ago, I heard my Mom talking to a friend about my crochet, saying how much she loved the Magic Blanket I've made last year. That reminded me that back then I had already thought about making a blanket like this for her for Christmas, and so I started right away (without her knowing, of course).

On August 4th, I grabbed my "Crochet on the Double" swivel hooks with connecting cable, some left-over yarn in my stash, and started the new double-ended crochet blanket with a width of 140 cm (55"). So far, I've made about 70 cm (28"), that means I've come a good way already, because I'm planning with a length of like 170 cm (67").

What bothered me a little, was the yarn: I had some balls of light blue, dark blue and beige in my stash, from a project I wanted to start but never did. It's the same acrylic yarn that I've used for my own Magic Blanket, the quality is similar to Bravo by Schachenmayr, but it's from the drugstore. I've soon discovered, that I needed more of the light blue and the beige, and so I went to the drugstore to buy some more - but (of course) I couldn't get exactly the same shade of what I already had. The color number is the same, but the serial number had changed, and so had the shade of the colors: both the blue and the beige are slightly darker than the ones I had started with.

I still had lots of the old yarn (but not enough to finish the whole blanket), so I've switched over to the new yarn (the darker one), working the middle part of the blanket with this one, and later I'll be returning to the old yarn (the lighter one) again. This way, the blanket will still look symmetrical and I can say that the color-shift was intended. On today's photos, in poor lighting conditions (or if you're a man, like John) you can't even tell the difference between the shades, so I think it'll be alright.

Now a few words about the pattern: again, I use the same double-ended crochet pattern I've used for my Magic Blanket. If you're a new reader, you can go back to my old posts and find out more about how this is done. I've found the pattern in "Crochet Master Class", but guess what? I've discovered that there's even a free online-version of this pattern on Woman's Day, so there's no need to buy the whole book, just because you like this pattern, isn't that great?

If you've been following the Magic Blanket Ride, you already now that the crazy part of this blanket is, that front- and backside look different from each other. I've used the two shades of blue, off-white, plus some shades of pink/purple for the one side, and the beige for the other side, and it looks good so far, I think.

I've already made some good progress (the pattern's quick and easy), so I think I can finish the blanket in a few weeks from now - hope you'll be back for the Grand Finale! :)

Lots of Love from K-town,



  1. Wow I love it...(and your mom will too!!) You solved the 'yarnproblem' in a very good way, but i can imagine that it really sucked at that time:-) I will be here for the Grand Finale! Grtzz..Maddy

  2. The blanket is looking thick and cozy. I have never tried this technique, seems complicated. Lovely colours, your mom is sure to love the blanket.

  3. It's gong to be lovely Barbara and I'm sure the slight variation in yarn colour will not be a problem at all. That is a very interesting stitch I had never heard of a double ended crocheting hook and I will have to investigate further so thank you for the link. Can't wait to see the finished blanket :)

  4. Die sieht ja schon klasse aus. Ich bin schon gespannt auf das Endergebnis.

    Schönen Sonntag noch,


  5. Sieht klasse aus Barbara! Die Idee mit der Wolle ist toll, so fällt das mit den unterschiedlichen Farben am Ende gar nicht mehr auf!
    Vielen lieben Dank für den Link, werd ich mir gleich mal anschauen!
    Hab noch einen wunderschönen Sonntag! Barbina

  6. Hi Barbara , Happy Sunday !. The blamket is looking great ,even with the colors ypu are talking about,If you don't explained ,noone can tell.It's beautiful.
    I have a set of that kind of hooks with the cable for quiet few years and I haven't touch them since then,purchesed them just to learn this tennucian stitches and projects but the time is been short.I guess you are inspiring me to go and start having some lessons online or even with a book.Thanks ,you have such a beautiful blog and projects.great job.I'm on a granny baby blanket right now ,just finishing,after that one i will try it.Thanks for the inspiration.... :0)


  7. Your blanket looks great. I like it that you can reverse it.
    Great job, well done!

    Groetjes, Monique

  8. Wow, I like how this is coming along!!!

  9. Your blanket looks amazing I can't wait to see the finale. I love the colors you chose. Blue is my color:)

  10. Barbara, this is beautiful- what a thoughtful and treasured gift this will be for your friend!

  11. Wow hon it looks amazing! I'm quite intrigued and have to go and google this double ended thing.

    Have a fabulous week,

  12. Traumhaft!! Ich bin total begeistert von dem Muster, es erinnert mich ein bißchen an die Küchenhandtücher von früher. Das Buch hab ich auch schon länger auf meinem (ellenlangen *g*) Amazon-Wunschzettel, aber es ist natürlich praktisch, daß Du die kostenlose Anleitung gefunden hast, vielen Dank für den Link! Nun fehlen mir bloß noch die passenden Nadeln (naja, und ein biiißchen Wolle.....) ;-). Bin schon total gespannt, wie Deine Decke ganz fertig ausschaut. Prima, daß es mit den unterschiedlichen Partien so gut ausgegangen ist!

  13. Really very well done Barbara! Your blanket looks great and it is reversible, that makes it extra special!

  14. It looks great so far! I think your idea about using the yarn with different serial numbers is great.

  15. Wow! I love it! My mom will surely love this blanket too. Thanks much!


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