Sunday, September 23, 2012

Beyond the Square: Motif # 120

Motif # 120

Category: Squares

Progress: 100 of 100+

It was hard to pick a motif for this special occasion - my 100th motif! I've chosen this one, because it's truely unique! You have to make ten separate strips and arrange them in a way that they form a basket weave pattern. Then you work two rounds of sc's for the edging to keep the strips in place. It looks amazing, but it was quite an effort to make it (imagine all the loose ends you have to weave in for this little square!) - I'll probably never try this one again :)

And now - it's time to celebrate!!! :)

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  1. Superschön!! Tolle Wahl für Nr. 100 :-))

  2. I love this one. I think it might be my favorite. #112 is a close second though.


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