Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Beyond the Square: Motif # 112

Motif # 112

Category: Squares

Progress: 96 of 100+

This is a basic granny square pattern with an interesting way of combining two different colors. You have to turn the motif after each round, working back and forth, to achieve this effect. I'm glad that I've learned this basic how-to, and I think you could design amazing blankets, playing with the arrangement of the squares!

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  1. I like this square, it has a lot of possibilities!

  2. Stimmt, das Muster ist eine prima Idee für eine Decke. Schaut toll aus, Dein Square! Und nur noch 4 Stück bis zur 100, wooow! Ich muß dringend mal wieder weitermachen ;-)

  3. Krásný Váš blog je mi velkou inspirací.


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