Monday, January 23, 2012

Beyond the Square: Motif #1

Motif #1

Category: Circles

Progress: 6 of 100+

The book starts off with a BANG, doesn't it? Right the first motif is one of the prettiest in the book, I think. The flower in the middle is made with popcorn stitches (you can never go wrong with popcorn, right? *gg*), the rest is just ch's and sc's, with cute little picots. Perfect! Check out the gallery, too - the other girls have already made and posted this motif as well!

Shared Gallery: link up your motifs!


  1. That is amazing in those colours. I love popcorn stitch, there is something very cheering about it.

  2. Very the combination......beautiful Barbara :))

  3. Astounding in those colors and the dark background. Beautiful!!!
    And now that you mention it... I didn´t do mine with the popcorn st , but just clusters. I have to confess I just went with the graphic, and did not read the instructions :S I´ll pay more attention from now on.
    Ana BC

  4. Now you've done it! You made me buy that book! ;-)

  5. Lovely colours! Before I did my #1 I hadn't tried popcorn stitch and thought it was difficult...but it is easy...and such a sweet effect :)x

  6. Thanks for your sweet comment! I always feel like a loser, but it helps when others remind me I am not a loser.... I AM HUMAN! I have this book you are working from. I have used it to make some cute little embellisment pieces for different projects. I would love to make an entire project out of one othe "unsual shapes"!


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