Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Challenge 2012 News

This blog-post will regularly be updated, so check back for News!
(the latest News will be on top of the post, last update: September, 23)

The Challenge: work your way through Edie Eckman's book "Beyond the Square".

My personal goal: make at least 100 (maybe more) motifs in 2012.

to learn more about this Challenge, please read the Introduction.

Update September, 23rd:

It's done! I've reached the magical 100! :) (and of course I just had to celebrate it in a separate post *gg*). Only 44 more motifs to accomplish the ultimate challenge!
Are you still having fun with your personal challenge? I hope you do, and I'm glad that there are still new participants who join our party: Weaver Birdie from I Love Handmade has joined our little gang in August and has already shared some beautiful motifs, welcome Weaver Birdie!
Let's have a look at our gallery statistics again:
  • Circles: 98 motifs
  • Hexagons: 69 motifs
  • Triangles: 67 motifs
  • Squares: 89 motifs
  • Unusual Shapes: 50 motifs
  • Collections and Projects: 50 entries
  • Total entries: 423
  • New entries since the last statistics in June: 139
The most popular motif so far is # 2, it already appears in 10 different versions in the gallery, that means 10 girls have already made and shared this motif. Here is my version of it:

However, there are still ten motifs left, that don't appear in the gallery at all - yet! :)

If you'd like to see an amazing collection of all the 144 motifs in the book, please hop over to Sewing Daisies and admire Heidi's beautiful motifs, or check out Carmen's book review on her blog aduoscriptum: Carmen has also worked her way through the whole book! Hats off, girls! :)

Update August, 11th:

Time for some more News! First of all, I'd like to welcome the new girls who have joined the Challenge and added some motifs to our gallery since the last update in June:

Nata from Natas Nest, Rajeswari from Diaper Mum, and Anett from Freizeitbastlerin - willkommen in unserer kleinen Gruppe, welcome to our little group! :)

While I was on vacation, I received some e-mails concerning the Challenge, so maybe I've forgot somebody this time - but don't worry: as soon as you add your motifs to the gallery, you'll definitely be on my radar :)

Today I'd also like to mention Kara from Petals to Picots: She's got a Granny Month on her blog, i.e. the whole month of August is dedicated to granny squares and other motifs - she's already written a book review to Beyond the Square and promoted our Challenge (thank you!!). There's also a big Granny link-party on her blog plus a giveaway - lots of reasons to hop over to Kara and say hi :)

Update June 2nd:

It's June, and we're already halfway through with our 2012 Motif-Challenge. Are you happy with your progress so far? Unfortunately I'm still a little bit slow with posting new motifs, maybe I'll post a whole bunch of them one day :) I thought today I just share some little statistics from our gallery:
  • Circles: 70 motifs
  • Hexagons: 47 motifs
  • Triangles: 33 motifs
  • Squares: 63 motifs
  • Unusual Shapes: 35 motifs
  • Collections and Projects: 36 entries
  • Total entries: 284
  • New entries since the last statistics in March: 122
 The Circles section is still the most popular, but it seems like the Squares are catching up!

 Ladies, you're doing a great job here!! :)

Update April 29th:

It's time for another update on the Challenge News. I really hope that I don't forget any new participants, sometimes I get e-mails, sometimes I read new comments here and sometimes I find entries from new participants in the gallery - please, if you feel that I've overlooked you, let me now! :) With that being said, I'd like to welcome some new members of our little (but growing) party: Craftgirl78 said, her copy of the book was on its way to her and that we could definitely count her in.  MWitch3 from Needles and Hooks and Books, Oh My! found my blog via the Knitting and Crochet Blog Week and jumped into this Challenge right away. I'm looking forward to your motifs, ladies! :) I'm also happy that we've found another new participant from Germany, who has already linked up some lovely motifs to our gallery: it's Rike from Rikes Kreativ-Blog, a brandnew site. Schön, dass Du dabei bist, Rike!! :)

I think that's all for today, next time I'll add some new statistics again. And now I'll leave you with a little preview of my latest motifs. See you next month

Update April 6th:

Since the last update in March, the girls and I have added 57 more motifs to our gallery - I just love the way how this challenge is going along! :) I'm also happy that Maike from Magentarot has joined the challenge and already shared two beautiful motifs - schön, dass Du dabei bist, Maike!

I have to admit that I have been a little bit lazy last month and haven't shared as many motifs as I had planned (although I've got lots of new motifs lying around here at home). Hope to show you more this month, here's a little glimpse of my growing collection:

Update March 2nd:

It's been a while since I've updated the Challenge News, so let's see what has happened last month: Svanvithe, Patricia from Las Manualidades de Pato and Little Orphan Skein have added new motifs to our gallery and Ladylike from Crochetapy left a message and said she'd join our Challenge. Can't wait to see your motifs! :) Mezzamay has turned motif # 54 into a potholder and shared it in the "Collections and Projects" section of the gallery.
I'm still happy about new participants, but I'm also happy that those of you who have joined this Challenge from the beginning are still making more and more motifs and keep adding them to the gallery, thank you!! Today, we've already got 162 pictures in the whole gallery, with 52 entries in the "circles" section alone. The "Collections and Projects" section is also slowly growing (20 entries) and it's so interesting to see your ideas!
This blog post might have become a little complex and confusing, with all those links to participants and maybe-participants. To keep track, I've made a little list of girls who have definitely joined the challenge so far (i.e. added their motifs to the gallery):


I wonder which name will be next on the list... :)

Update February 2nd:

I'm back today with some News about our Challenge. Let's have a look at our stunning Gallery again: Lucie from *Rosenrot* Kreativ has posted some beautiful motifs and left a comment, telling me she'd love to join the Challenge. Herzlich Willkommen Lucie, es freut mich, dass Du dabei bist!

Unfortunately I'm not speaking Spanish, but I'm quite sure that Paty from Tejidos con Amor would also like to join our party. Thanks for joining us, Paty - I can't wait to see your motifs! :)

And last but not least, a special goodie for those of us, who are still asking the big "and what shall I do with the motifs?" question: Kerstin from Mit Nadel und Faden has linked up two great ideas to the "Collection and Projects"-section of our gallery: a set of colorful coasters and a pretty bunting made of triangles. Please check out the links, her work is beautiful! Danke, Kerstin!

Do you like statistics? I do! Let's see...: so far, 11 girls (including me) have shared their motifs in our gallery, with Ana BC from Lanas & Hilos being the busiest bee out there - she's already shared 11 beautiful motifs. Come on girls, kick her from the throne! *lol*
The most popular category seems to be "Circles", with 30 entries so far - well, the reason why we've got the most pictures in this section, might be because it's the first chapter of the book, and some girls (like Stocki for example) might pick the first motifs first. Therefore it comes as no surprise that Motif # 1 is the one with the most pictures in the gallery - 6 girls have already picked and shared this motif.

And finally, here's a picture of some motifs I've made lately:

See you soon with more News here on this post - by the way: wanna join us? :)

Update January 22nd:

So, what's new and exciting today? Let's have a look at our Gallery first: Carlyn shared some motifs from her motif slideshow on her blog Crafting With Style. She has already made those motifs a while ago and is thinking about joining them to a freeform afghan. What an amazing idea!! I love to see freeform projects but I haven't dared to have a go at it myself - so far. :)

Valeria from Argentina has also joined the challenge and posted some motifs on her blog El blog de Ché! Crochet.

Maria Laura has started an extra page for this Challenge on her blog Lalaborda. Can't wait to see the page filled with your motifs! :)

Luna from My Crochet, Mis Tejidos has learned from this Challenge via Gloria's blog and has already posted her first motif on her blog.

If I've forgotten someone this time, please let me know! :)

And now a few words about the big "what are you going to do with the motifs?" question: Some people asked me here on my blog, and Stocki's reader have asked the same question on her blog. The truth is: I have no idea :) Moreover, this question is the one reason, why I haven't started making these beautiful motifs much earlier, and that's really a pity, because it's so much fun making them without a big project in mind! Of course, there are some ideas for specific items: Some would be great as embellishments on a bag or something, there are others that I can image as embellishements on cards (like for birthday, mother's day, or a wedding).

When I thought about a good way to present the motifs on my blog, my first idea was to put them into a picture frame - honestly, it looks lovely!! (I'm not sure, but I think Stocki's got something with frames in mind as well, right?) I've decided against this way of presentation, because you cannot see the details of the motifs that well. Nevertheless it makes a great decoration, what do you think?

Maybe I'll decorate our hallway with my favorite motifs in frames, I'm not sure.
I personally LOVE Carlyn's idea of joining the motifs to a freeform blanket, but I'm a little scared of that, because - as I've mentioned above - I've never tried freeform before. Moreover, for a freeform blanket I should have given more thought to color combinations and material. I think it wouldn't work out with the motifs I have made so far, I've already used too many different colors and cotton yarn probably isn't the best material for a big blanket.
Even if the motifs will never make it to a finished project, I'm just happy to have them in my little box and look at them once in a while - and who knows, maybe an amazing idea might pop up in my (or your?) mind as the Challenge continues... :)

Update January 19th:

Wow, I'm so happy about all the comments I've read today when I came home from work! AND we've got some new (maybe-)participants for our Challenge:

Warpspeedlinda from The Diary and Blog of a Crazy Crocheting Fool thinks about joining the challenge in March. Sure, the year's still young - join whenever you cannot resist any longer :)

Sarah and Lauren from Whimsy and Juno are two sisters from Brisbane - one of them left a comment here and said the instructions might be too difficult to understand for a crochet beginner. I think this is a perfect Challenge even for beginners, just pick the easier motifs (with the basic, well-known stitches) first. It's fun, you'll see - and a perfect way to learn and practice! I'd be happy if you'd join us! :)

Trish from Tales from Trish left several lovely comments on my motifs - and she'll definitely be joining us! Hooray! :)

Paula from Cards by Paula is also in. She's already made two motifs and will blog about them soon. Can't wait to see your motifs, Paula! :)

And finally, there's Gloria from Mossita Bella Crochet y Tejido. She asked me, if she can start the Challenge on her blog for the girls in Latin America who don't speak English. Sure, spread the word wherever you live! I'm glad to have you in! :)

I'm glad that this Challenge attracts so many girls from all over the world! If you're a new participant, don't forget to show us your motifs in our Shared Gallery. And if you're just watching this Challenge from outside, check out the gallery as well - the girls and I have already linked up lovely motifs there. THANK YOU ALL for your enthusiasm, this Challenge is more fun than even I had imagined at the beginning! :)

Update January 15th:

We've got two new participants, yippie! :)

TintockTap doesn't have that much time for crochet, so her personal goal is to make 30 motifs. Of course every participant can define her goal, and I'm looking forward which motifs you choose! :)

I'm also very happy that Traudi from Drosselgarten has joined the Challenge. She has already posted her first motif today. Danke für's Mitmachen, Traudi :)

I've also opened the Shared Gallery today, it's the tab "Beyond the Square: Challenge 2012" just below the header.

If you like what you've seen so far, please join us! :)

Update January 13th:

Stocki is in! Though she's already involved in several challenges (including the "Beautiful Blogger Blanket" which she's organising), she couldn't resist.

Kathryn (CrochetBlogger) has already commited herself to lots of projects, but she's thinking about it.


Barbina is thinking about buying the book (and joining maybe? *gg*)

Lots of other girls said, they're looking forward to watching our progress - thank you, I hope you too will enjoy the Challenge (and maybe you'll want to join later)! :)

A great idea came from Ana BC: She suggested to set up a link-party for the motifs we make as a group - I'm already working on an extra page on this blog where I'll create a shared gallery. Thank you, Ana!

I've also made a button. Like my party-button, this one is optional as well. If you like buttons, feel free to take it, but I'm not hurt if you don't :)

Who's the next girl to join in? :)

Original Post from January, 11th:

You're all still welcome to join the Challenge, some of you are already in, others are still thinking about it, so here's a little list of (maybe-)participants:

Ana BC from Lanas & Hilos was the first one who said she's in.

Marie from Underground Crafter would love to join, if she can emerge from her various crocheting deadlines.

Royce has already made a few motifs, you can find them on her blog, Royce's Hub.

Linda from Linda's Craftycorner has also started working her way through the book and wants to see who will make the most motifs this year - Challenge accepted, Linda! :)

Saritha from Rainbow Bunting wants to buy the book and might join the Challenge later on.

Needlekrafter (no blog) says that this Challenge provided the incentive for her to make a few of the motifs - if you do, please let us know (and think about writing a blog, that would be cool! *gg*)

Jane will join in occasionally if time permits.

Thank you so far, girls! :) And thanks to everybody else for your words of motivation, even Edie Eckman herself has left a nice comment, this is awesome! :)

So, who's in next? I'll be editing this blog-post regularly to add new participants, you're all very welcome!


  1. Yep, count me in please! I may be mad taking on another challenge.. but I just can't resist... I love this book! Can you let me know if that is ok? Thanks Barbara :)x

  2. Wow! Good luck!! I don't have that book, but it looks delicious ;-) I don't think I have time for the challenge, but will surely follow your results (and I just start following you on Pinterest!)

  3. Das sind wundervolle Motive!^^

  4. This is going to be very fun! But you certainly have taken the lead, with all those motifs already done. I will start looking for my first choice of motif right away...
    I have a question...will you set up a link party for the motifs, or do we just post them in our blogs?
    Thanks for organizing the challenge and connecting so many people from all around the world.
    Until next time, Ana BC

  5. Holy yarn you made that many motifs already?! Damn girl, you been busy! :D
    I can't join because I have too much going on already, but this is definitely one to watch :)

  6. Ooh, what a good challenge. I've committed myself to lots of 2012 projects for (365 Ways to Wear Crochet, 12 in '12 Charity Crocheting) but I'm so tempted to join in on these fun motifs too. Thinking about it ... definitely enjoy seeing what others are doing with it!

  7. They're all so pretty - you're off to a really good start. :)

  8. Oh Barbara you are way ahead of me! all those lovely motifs done already, I can see I'm going to have to get a move on, it's a good job I've finished the elephant blanket at last lol

  9. Oh wow - how fabulous! I will happily watch this one from the sidelines and eagerly await the next batch of fabulous motifs you whip up. What a totally fantastic idea.

  10. Hallo Barbara! Deine Idee finde ich super! Ich denke grade darüber nach, ob ich mir das Buch auch kaufe! Deine Motive sehen alle wunderschön aus. Bin gespannt, wie es weiter geht.
    Alles Liebe! Barbina

  11. Hello Barbara,
    Did you make all those motifs already? Wow! Surely enjoy seeing what you and others are doing the coming weeks and months!

  12. I'd like to join the challenge too! I already have the book and have crocheted a few motifs from it (no idea where they are now!). Love a good excuse to make a few more motifs! I don't have all that much time for crochet, so I'll be aiming for at least 2 motifs a month, and see if I can get to 30 by the end of this year!

  13. hallo Barbara,
    dieses wunderschöne Buch habe ich auch und ich liebe es, daraus diese tollen Motive zu häkeln.
    Gerne bin ich bei der Challenge dabei, wenn ich es richtig verstanden habe, geht es am Sonntag 15.01.12 los mit dem 1. Motiv.
    alles weitere lese ich bei Dir?

    liebe Grüße aus dem Drosselgarten von Traudi

  14. Hello Barbara, what a great challenge. You gave me the motivation to pick up this book again. I purchased it last year and so far it was just an eye candy for me. Your motifs are wonderful, cheers, Monika.

  15. I think I might do this starting in March.
    I've got too many projects going right now.
    This seems like a fun thing to do all summer.

  16. What a fantastic idea! I wish I could join in but I think i'm still too much of a beginner crochet-er to understand all of the instructions! I look forward to seeing your finished motifs though! :)

  17. I want to join! please add me in! I'm going to go home and start a motif tonight. I'll post it on my blog on Monday!

    Trish @

  18. I'd like to join too please :-) I've already made 2 of the motifs but still need to photograph and blog about them though.

  19. What a great challenge!! Are you going to join them all up in the end to make a funky and fun blanket?!

  20. This is a great blog , love to crochet since I was a child , but now I can understand a lot more about crocheting.I have found your blog by Gloria " Mossita Bella Tejido y Crochet " she is wonderful.I love what both of you are doing .i also have the book and enjoy it .I'll be happy also to post my link but don't know if you have any specific post to it.But anyway , you have such a beautiful blog.Congratulations for this fun challenge .You are invited to visit my blog anytime.


  21. Tu blog es hermoso! Gracias por este desafío! Espero haber hecho las cosas bien. Puse mi post en el ultimo link. Tengo hecho cuatro motivos de círculos ya los iré posteando me falta meter los hilos y acomodarlos.
    María Laura

  22. Love your link party page for this challenge, it looks fantastic. Great idea!

  23. Beautiful news and if we are a group of crochet adorable!

    You're a lovely girl ...

  24. Hallo Barbara,
    bin ganz begeistert von deiner Challenge und mache da gerne mit. Habe auch schon die ersten Motive gehäkelt und freue mich auf einen "sinnvollen Einsatz" dieses tollen Buchs. Gespannt bin ich auf Verwendungsmöglichkeiten der tollen Motive. Liebe Grüße

  25. You got me loving these motifs I went and got this book myself. I am going to try as many as I can. I posted your challenge on my blog today.

  26. Jetzt habe ich das Buch auch und würde auch gerne an der Challenge teilnehmen.Die ersten sind schon fertig.
    LG Maike

  27. My copy of the book is on its way to me - I have already started making a flower a day and a motif from another source, but you can definitely count me in from next week! (

  28. Please add me in, I would like to join up. Love your blog and love to crochet.

  29. Bonjour je suis moussetricot je suis française et je viens de faire les pop corn bavarois. Je trouve votre blog superbe avec pleins de bonnes idées.

    Bon dimanche

    Anne marie

  30. Thanks for welcome - Dankeschöne auch hier für das nette Willkommen, liebe Barbara :-)


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