Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Beyond the Square: Motif # 101

Motif # 101

Category: Squares

Progress: 21 of 100+

This one was again picked with John's assistance :) I was flipping through the book and couldn't make up my mind, so I gave the book to John to pick one. This time he seemed a little bit more enthusiastic (if this is an appropriate expression for a man dealing with crochet), he took his time and checked my list of motifs that I've already made, before he suggested this one to me. Although I've already seen this motif in our shared gallery, it somehow never caught my eye when flipping through the book. I'm glad I made it though, it turned out quite nice. In the book, the motif is one-colored, I've made it with two colors, off-white and brown.

Shared Gallery: link up your motifs!


  1. It's lovely definitely one of my favourites, it looks good with two colours :)

  2. I love that brown! It's a rich light coffee color, kinda sorta.


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