Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Beyond the Square: Motif # 7

Motif # 7

Category: Circles

Progress: 24 of 100+

This motif has turned out a little larger than I had expected - okay, it's seven rounds of dc's, I shouldn't have been surprised! :) I've picked three colors, the motif in the book is made with two shades of green. What I like about this motif: the wavelike edging and the little picots in the middle rows (they came out really nice after I had blocked them!)

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  1. I love this pattern!
    And the colours remind me of watermelon!!


  2. This one is so cool! What will you do with all of these motifs?

  3. I was showing my Mom "the book" and pointed out this motif. Her reaction was eh, its okay. Then I pulled up your blog on my phone and showed her yours and her reaction turned to "wow!".

  4. hallo barbara,

    ich hab dich und deine häkelkunst gerade entdeckt. allesamt wunderschöne werke! entschuldige die doofe frage, die du bestimmt schon irgendwo beantwortet hast: was machst du mit all' den grannys, hexagons, circles?

    nun sei lieb gegrüßt von
    der dana,
    auch ab und an häkelwütig :o)


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