Monday, March 5, 2012

Beyond the Square: Motif # 32

Motif # 32

Category: Hexagons

Progress: 20 of 100+

And here it is - the reverse side of motif # 31 which I've posted yesterday. The instructions are clear: work rounds 1-5 as for motif # 31, then turn and work a round of sc's. But instead of working lots of back post dc's and turn, I just made front post dc's instead (and didn't turn), the result is the same. Both sides look nice and I've still got the potholder-idea in mind :)

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  1. Very nice. I just purchased Beyond the Square and it arrived this morning. I'm having a lovely time looking through it. I don't think I'll be challenging myself like you are, but there are some wonderful motifs to try out.
    xXx Helen

  2. ich find's wunderschön - außergewöhnlich-

    einen lieben Montagsgruß zu Dir von Traudi

  3. Wow, you are making some beautiful motifs, I have this book but haven't actually make a single one yet!

  4. Beautiful hexagon!

    Very cute gray =0)

    Happy start to the week -.- -.-

  5. I really love the colors of this hexagon and its full shape.

  6. Lovely, it's a nice dense motif, isn't it?
    I made this one too, and like you I thought it would be great for a pot-holder.


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