Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A Tale of Five Blankets - Chapter 1

Hello, hello!

In my last post I've already showed you a glimpse of the five blankets I've got lying around here.

Today let's start with the pink one in the middle, shall we?

In fact, before my long blog break I had already showed you this blanket as a work in progress, but never the final result. Well, it' finished now :)

Once again, I've worked with my favorite double-ended crochet pattern, which is available for free on Woman's Day. It's made with Stylecraft Special DK acrylic yarn in the colors Candy Floss and Bright Pink. I still love the reversible effect this pattern creates, don't you? (Spoiler: this won't be the only blanket in this series made with this pattern...)

The blanket measures 85 x 75 cm, and has a simple *(sc, ch-1, sc), skip 1 stitch* pattern as a border. (I don't even know which kind of border the original pattern suggests, I always decide spontaneously when I get there *gg*)

I actually made this blanket for my Etsy-Shop but never got to put it up for sale. Truth is, I never really felt comfortable with my shop, because there were so many difficult things to consider, like international shipping conditions, taxes, general business terms and conditions - all that stuff frightened the hell out of me. So I basically had two options: consult a lawyer and get it right, or drop it completely. I then decided to drop the shop completely, because by then I had already lost interest. But - right now I feel like I want to give it a second chance and maybe start a shop on a german platform, we'll see.

Coming up next in the "Tale of Five Blankets"-series: another Granny Square Blanket...


  1. It's a beautiful blanket Barbara, the texture is so unusual I love the colours too. I have toyed with the idea of an Etsy shop too but like you I can't be bothered with all the technicalities. Have a great weekend. :) xx


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