Thursday, March 9, 2017

A Tale of Five Blankets - Chapter 4

Hey girls!

I'm back today with Chapter 4 of my Tale of Five Blankets. Today it's another (classic) Granny Square Blanket.

It's been a while since I've made it, but I think I had seen a picture on Pinterest of a crochet blanket with a grey background and thought I'd like to try this, too.

I really like the way the colors "pop" on this background, don't you?

Once more, I've used the fabulous Stylecraft Special DK acrylic yarn, and although I haven't written down the colors, meanwhile I'm able to recognize them by heart: Clematis, Sherbet, Saffron, Shrimp, Apricot, and Aspen. The tiny squares are framed with one round in Cream, and then joined with the continuous join-as-you-go method in Graphite (okay, I had to look that one up *gg*)

For the border I've used the block stitch pattern again, and finished it off with border no. 120 from Edie Eckman's book "Around The Corner - Crochet Borders", it's a front-post dc/regular sc combination. The final blanket measures 78x78 cm.

I'm also happy to say that this is the first blanket I've actually sold. My sister-in-law wanted something special to give to her friend who recently had her first baby, and this blanket was the one she picked from my pile of the five blankets that I'm showing you in this series.

The first four blankets you've seen now have one thing in common: I've made them all before or during my long blog break. The last one in the series is a brand-new one, that I've made just a few weeks ago. Turned out I still know how to hold a hook and where to place my stitches! :)

See you all next time for the final chapter of my Tale of Five Blankets!


  1. Wonderful blanket, my dear!! Adorable edging as well. Have a lovely weekend! xxx

  2. I am in love with this blanket! I love the consistency with the white and gray, and the simple color change in the center which really pulls it all together. I've pinned to my Granny Square Inspiration board.
    I am running a year long Granny-Spiration Challenge, and would love if you came and linked up with us :) There’s also a crochet pattern giveaway going on right now. It can be found here:
    Alexandra of EyeLoveKnots

    1. Thanks Alexandra, I will check that out! :)


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