Monday, March 6, 2017

A Tale of Five Blankets - Chapter 3

Hello World!

I hope you've enjoyed your week-end and found some time for crocheting or enjoyed the weather - which btw has been exceptionally nice in k-town on Saturday! I've been crocheting a lot in the past few weeks, too, but before I show you my new stuff, there are still some more chapters in my Tale of Five Blankets.

Usually I have two or three go-to patterns when I start a new blanket, but this one is different. I've found the pattern on Pinterest, it's the "Juicy Fruit Afghan Crochet Pattern" and it's available for free on favecrafts.

The finished blanket (it's a baby blanket again) measures 90 x 70 cm and of course I've worked with Stylecraft Special DK again. The colors are Cream, Clematis, Sherbet and Saffron.

What I really liked about this pattern is the border: It starts with shells right away, so there's no need to work into the side of the stitches when you're making the side border. I've never been good at that, so this edging really did me a favor here :)

All in all it's a fun and easy pattern, and I've really enjoyed making it. Maybe I'll be using it again one day :)

Coming up next: one more Granny Square Blanket :)

Wishing you all a great start into the new week,


  1. Very pretty I'll have to try this, thank you for the pattern link.:) xx

  2. Lovely blanket! I like your colourscheme and the stitch you've used!

  3. Love your Juicy Fruit afghan! So cheerful! You know, my daughter has been using grey backgrounds for her quilting - and it looks very nice.....makes the colors pop. It's the same with crochet I see. Thank you so much for sharing! Visiting form Hookin' on Hump Day!


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